I am worried for the future of Denmark too

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I saw that our prime minister is worried about the future for our country. I would be worried to. In connection with my job I mentor a lot of youth. Working with younger people can be a blessing. Their energy infects the entire organization.

However a part of my job is also to guide them into thinking like we do. We have to communicate our life experience so they can avoid doing some to the mistakes we have made while we built this welfare society.

One of the messages we communicate is that they have to avoid taking chances. There will be no early retirement called “efterloen” waiting for them once they are worn down after decades of hard work. “Efterloen” was the key component holding our welfare society together and now it is gone. They have to learn to watch out for themselves and start saving up money for their retirement from day one they leave their schools and take a position in a firm. This necessary focus on future survival has been heavily criticized by the well-known author Davidsen.

It is a difficult message for youth in the early twenties to understand. At that age most young people believe in immortality. Many of them have the mindset of a teenager where there is no past and no present. They live of decisions made for incidents just now.

It was not always like this. I remember a youth more political and concerned for their future. I remember how the empire of evil still existed behind the iron curtain and how we had to endure a full year of our life as soldier trying out for a war which would be over in second once it could be started because the Russians properly had to nuke us in order to avoid wasting time fighting us so their fleet could pass Danish waters as quick as possible. Of course we were worried about losing a year of our life for no good. Of course we were worried about the enemy already being here. So-called humanitarian organization supported projects of the enemies in the third world. As past they try to hide even today when they ask our high school students to volunteer a full day every year. Lucky for our youth community service is considered to be a punishment given in court and not something you will do unless you are forced to it.

How did it change?

First the teenagers are not allowed to be teenagers like they were in the old days. Once Danes have been confirmed they also start to drink alcohol. However there are many restrictions of alcohol consumption for our youth. While they can buy alcohol in shops at age 16 and they can enjoy a glass of beer or wine at the Friday bars in our high schools, they cannot enter night clubs before they are 18. They don’t meet people outside their own age group on social terms.

I believe that we have to change our ways. We cannot prepare our youth for the future if we create a kind of curling society where we adults walks in front of your teenagers and use our brooms to sweep every kind of opposition away from the path the teenagers are going. The world could be more dangerous for them so they could discover that there is a world outside their high school environment.

Second they should be allowed to take chances and in order to make them do that we have to have the safety net called “Efterloen”. We have to provide early retirement for those who are worn down or hit by an accident in the working environment. How can we else let them drive 150 miles per hour on the German high ways on to the export markets?

A third area we could work on is to make it easier to found their own companies and in order to make that happen we have to attack the present industry so they cannot create cartels and deals where you have to be a certain number of persons with a certain kind of private education to be in business.

If you restrict access to found firms in a sub-market you create the foundation for price fixing which can hurt the society but you also prevent young people from creating innovate firms which can develop new products for the good of both customers and the society.

I have information about that such a cartel is being set up in the Danish market for Enterprise Resource Planning programs during these months. Within a year you might be paying too much if you seek a program for book-keeping, stock-keeping or trading.

Such a cartel will damage not only the Danish Industry as general. It will also prevent young adults from taking work in this line of business as they can see that they would have little chance one day to become manager of their own little firm and second that the cartel will prevent them from being hired as one of the goals with the cartel is to make the price for consultant work raise back to more than 1,000 DKK per hour.

Yes, I have to agree with our prime minister.

I am very concerned for the future of Denmark too.


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