Settling in a foreign country and finding a job

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This week there has been come media coverage about people entering Denmark with a green card ending up driving cap, working as a cleaner or even no job regardless of the fact that they have university degrees.

I have to say that I of course finds it a problem if they believe that they will be getting some highly paid job when they are the first generation in Denmark. How can we judge them based on their family as we do in general with native Danes? We don’t know their parents.

In Denmark the social heritage matter. The possibility of getting a bachelor degree is depending of a combination of the economy of the school but also if your parents have a degree themselves. Even in a country where students can study at all schools for free and in fact get paid for studying by the state we have to have some kind of selection process and that’s where the social heritage comes into the picture.

So these people enter Denmark without any knowledge about which values we have in our society and expect to find a job. What can we do about that? The easy solution is to abolish the green card arrangement. They must have been lured here by someone who knows the truth but do choose to make a sum of money from these naive people.

In fact the same thing happened to some Danes back when the dot-com period came to an arrupt end. They were lured to the northern part of Sweden where they were keep in a kind of semi-confinement where they were paid too little so they could not return home and just to prevent them from phoning the family for money to a ticket they were also lured to loan money so they couldn’t break the contract without risking a huge lawsuit. The Danish Emigration Institute made an article about the confined Danes a short while ago.

Such agencies exist in every country. Danes can be lured abroad, but we also have to recognize that people can be lured here. We have to help them with travel papers and fund their ticket so they can go back home. I have to say that I feel sick when I read about how awful the homeless foreigners are treated in Denmark. They don’t deserve to be here under such conditions. They should be helped to leave our country at once, so they can be united with their family or social network back home.

We don’t need a green card arrangement. In fact we given our so many burdens so only 4 out of 5 get an education at all. I name stop-tests, community service and a limitation of quota two as some of the causes. Not every student is as fast as most.

Student loans are among the most expensive loans you can take. You can borrow money for a car much cheaper even taking the fact into consideration that the state will cover the risk the bank take by giving students loans for their education. So many students did in the past take gap years where they worked full time in some job so they had money to continue their education. I remember a co-worker some 15 years ago who had just gradutated. While he studied he lived between a father and a son who both were students at the same university. The father came from a poor family and due to lack of money he had delayed his studies for so many years that his son had catched up with him. The good thing was that his son got a social heritage from a parent who had attended the university with knowledge about what it would take to pass the exams. He had sacrificed his future on the expense of his son.

I have searched a number of blogs from students. Several mention the community service diploma as a cause for dropping out despite the fact that the community service is not mandatory unlike the so-called “enslavement act” Obama is trying to get passed. I understand that the students are confused. In Denmark we are proud of paying taxes. In exchange for taxes professionals can be paid to take care of tasks in our society amateurs try to do in other countries. The people in need gets a higher level of quality when they are taken care of, so why let students in so they can kick health care employees out of their job by taking over?

Finally we have the limitation of quata two as a problem. In Denmark we changed the grading system from the 13-scale to the 12-scale. The highest grade you can get in the 12-scale is similar to an American A, but in the old scale it was similar with A+++. The problem is that teachers in general demand as much from Danish students to give 12 as they did when they had the possibility to give 13.

Some sources state that twice the number of students abroad gets an A compared with Danish students. The Danes have to produce more work to achieve the same grade. It has resulted in a growing number of foreign students at Danish Universities. In the past the Danes then had the option that they could work for a couple of years in firms earning points so they could raise their average grades in that way. For some reason our politicians reduced this option.

The conclusion is that I urge our politicians to abandon the green card arrangement and focus on making it possible for Danish students to pass the high school exam with involving community service and making it possible to take a number of gap years with the condition that they have to show that they are working instead of taking a holiday or studying abroad where their work don’t count in the Danish education system. Finally I call for our politicians to approach every foreigner in Denmark to ask them when they will go home, so people who are suffering in our society can be helped home to their loved ones.

  1. You are very right if there is problem for employment for countryman itself.Because from asian country so many people applied for Greencard from last 18 months and what Danish Immigration do in this regard no body know so its better to close the greencard scheme from nowonwards.

  2. notify me the news and follow up the dynamic informaiton announced in the website.

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