I want to pay more in taxes

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This week has been a classic example showing that our politicians over at our central regime in Copenhagen don’t know what is going on outside the capital of this country.

For almost 10 years the government has used the “tax-stop” to gain the votes. Denmark is one of the countries in the world where you pay the largest part of our income in taxes. Not only do you pay about 50 percent of your income in direct taxes but also every purchase you make consist of 20 percent add-on taxes.

In exchange for that we have a lot of free goods. When you arrive at the hospital unconscious they dont wake you up just to ask if you have insurance. They don’t dump you off in the nearest park if the hospital took you in by mistake. All education is free unless you count a few private boarding schools and of course the continuation schools where certain parents hide their offsprings simply because they are afraid of the Danish youth culture and out of the country behavior modification programs are watched carefully by the government.

In fact once you start high school the state pay you for education. It is not an amount which you can live off because the level of education a student may choose should somehow reflect the social heritage but still it is rare that students can get paid by the government just for attending school.

The Danish school system is properly one of the most expensive in the world. It is properly also the best if the goal is more than just training people to pass an exam. In Danish high schools the students can drink alcohol on campus. As the Danish Institute for finer Cuisine explains it the purpose of allowing alcohol on campus is more than just enable to students to socialize and prepare them for networking during their business career. It is also about preventing school shootings by eliminate establishments of cliques or outing nerds. Once people start talking over a drink they learn that everyone is actually real people with problems like themselves rather than labeling them and putting them in boxes.

But the Danish schools are also mini communities with their own social services and special education. Because Denmark has a “No child left behind” policy for decades there are no minimum standard a student has to meet to enter the next class. Students can go to school for the mandatory 9 years and leave without exam. In fact 27 percent of all the students never get an exam on high school level.

Now we have a financial crisis and one of the areas the government wants the towns to cut down on is the schools. More exactly 1,3 billons DKK. Maybe it could be done. Maybe we could turn our education system around and make our students study for exams instead like they do at many school in the United States. I happened to have read about Cross Creek programs in St. George where they can turn even the most difficult cases into success stories (93% success). Here the students sit quietly in front of a computer all day and reply on multiply-choice questions based on the material they have studied. In Denmark we could do the same if we work for it, we might even produce a test system which are online more than half of the time compared to the system we use nationwide presently.

Saving money by making them more international may sound good, but where is the social factor? Where do you learn the student that selling on export markets means that you have to service your customers socially as I saw Team Easy-On do in Poland in a television program?

But every talk about saving money on your school system should have stopped the minute we learned that one of the biker gangs in Denmark did start a youth chapter where young Danes can learn more about how to live as a biker. The only one who can stop young Danes from taking part in what the biker gangs calls a defense of Danish values.

I am not the police nor a judge. Of course I would not claim that their socalled defense of the Danish values is only a cover for a fight for market shares of a criminal market. However I find it odd if it shouldn’t be the case when more than 30 members of the biker gangs are jailed for various offences implying that such a fight over market shares is ongoing.

The police wants our schools to see to that our students are warned against attending this youth chapter. Once again representatives from our government working 24/7 to see to our safety want our schools to be more than just schools.

So my conclusion must be that we simply have to pay more in taxes because we deep inside as parents want to keep our youth away from possible future crimes.

I am somewhat angry that they over in Copenhagen seems to have lost touch of what is going on among ordinary people.

  1. Is there a so called ordinary people in Denmark?

  2. Hi, just a follow up. Ya. It is good to pay more on taxes when a lot of benefits we can enjoy from the government equally. And of course you won’t regret by paying more since Denmark is second less corrupt country according to survey.

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