Denmark and the European Union – are we lied to?

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This week we learned that some organization abroad had made a deal with one of our newpapers Politiken, where the newpaper apologies for publishing the drawings of some person a number of heathens hold in a high place.

I was rather shocked. In fact a lot of the journalists working for the newspaper was also. How could they?

We are talking of the single most important moment in the history of the modern Denmark. September 30, 2005 is for many Danes the day they learned to hold their head up and walk proud. It was the day where we once again became proud of our origins as Danes.

But while this publisher from Politiken wanted to back-stab the freedom of speech, the biggest shock had yet to come. It was announced that the groups could bring this case for the courts in United Kingdom and that a ruling from this foreign court was something we had to consider in Denmark.

Then I have to say: Are we as Danes lied to when we ordered the entire Europe down on their knees in Edinburgh and accept our demands for allowing them to play with eachother in their coffee-club called the European Union.

We have points of interest:

  1. Citizenship. As the most advanced culture in the world, we want to be known as Danes, but as citizen in some province of Europe.
  2. Economic and monetary union. We have our currency. When you create a kind of payment people should trust you need to have a solid economy. We didn’t believe in a currency where not every country handles it businesses as strict as we do in Denmark and look right now how we were right.
  3. Defence policy. Many of the other countries have a past where they handled their businesses in a less smart manner. Wars in Africa based on what kind of language these memberstates want people to speak is a fact. Why should Denmark send a single soldier to Africa because the countries down there did a poor job compared to how Belgium dealt with controlling Central Africa? For some reason they believe that they have some kind of responsibility after they have educated people to govern their countries themselves. Denmark has not had colonies in Africa since we traded part of the Goldcoast off. It is simply not our problem.
  4. Justice and home affairs. Here is the problem. No court in the United Kingdom should be able to rule how we act out our freedom of speech.

I have to ask. Are we lied to? Where is our ability to handle own Justice and home affairs if a court somewhere in the world can have even a slight impact on what stories we can read in our newspapers?

To make matters worse: Now Lene Espersen known for her role in the case of Camilla Broe, which I have previous entries about want us to vote no to continued defense of these four exceptions from the Maarstrict treaty. She wants to vote no to continued freedom and freedom of speech.

I believe that it is time for Denmark to leave the European Union once and for all.

Please work for a free and independent Denmark. Please give us the chance to vote for leaving the European Union and not only for a cancellation of Denmark as a sovereign state.

  1. Hi, Rotsne

    Let’s see if I can answer your points.

    1. Without the EU, Denmark would have even less foreign policy. It would be weaker. That is nothing to be proud of.

    2. Don’t forget the battering that the Kroner received during the financial crisis (see here, for example: ). What’s happening to the euro is nothing compared to that. In addition, France and Germany (no matter what Merkel says) will not let the euro fail.

    3. Denmark cannot put its head in the sand and say “It is simply not our problem.” When terrorists trained in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Somalia strike at targets in Denmark because it published cartoons of the profit Mohammed, then you cannot say “It is not our problem.” We live in world where what happens in one country affects all others. And Denmark cannot solve those problems on its own – it needs the help of European allies.

    4. If Denmark left the European Union then EU law would still apply. Look at Norway, Switzerland or Iceland. They still have to follow EU law if they want access to the single market. They have “democracy by fax.” Whilst Denmark is in the EU, you can vote on new laws and you have a voice. If you leave, you will still have the laws – but no democratic voice. Do you want that?

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