Week 26 – The final chapter – so far

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Camilla Broe was released in Florida. Because she was risking arrest because she entered the United States without the proper travel papers when she was extradited from Denmark to the United States, the Danish department of Justice had to arrange a solution rather quickly. However she was stuck for an unknown period in the airport until she could find a flight home.

This post marks the end of this blog following her case. I am aware that an appeal is pending in an appeal court, but we have to wait to find out if they will rule otherwise than the two U.S. judges who have ruled in this case so far. So for now she is exonerated.

It was a victory for us Danes as a whole. That’s why I display our flag in my blog.

However, it is important that her entire ordeal should have some impact so similar situations can be avoided in the future. We have to remember that there are other victims than just her in person.

Her family has suffered a great deal. Her daughter had to live without her mother for larger periods during the 3 years it has taken to react this verdict.

Her workplace and her colleagues lost valuable labor.

We must learn from this case so the lesson learned is that no Dane should immigrate to a foreign country and expect to be met with better conditions than they have in Denmark. They should always be suspicious against a employer who are offering them a good, wellpaid and legal job. They could be aiding crime.

Just the American organisations organizing study abroad programs learned the hard way in the show trial against Amanda Knox, which has shocked the entire nation over there, we as Danes must realize that we need to secure Danes who has chosen to bear the burden of working or studying abroad.

We need a fast track evacuation plan so they can be taken home if they become involved in criminal activities by just being an innocent witness. There are no reason for them to aid an alien nation.

We have to realize that some countries extend perjury so it can be a crime just to give an incomplete statement to the police at the crime scene where you in Denmark risk prison only if you lie in court. It allows charges like conspiracy where we in Denmark focus on the person who actually does the crime.

Young Danes could be caught up in criminal cases just because they want to aid the police forgetting that they are no longer in Denmark and their social status are reset so they are considered a lowlife existense.

Better advice must be given to Danes going abroad and an exit-plan should be planned in every case. Fortunately people realize this. Exchange Student Info here in Denmark and Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES) have webpages concerning Exchange Students, Center-validering in Denmark has a page about the benefits and costs of shorter language trips. Northwest Education Law Blog in the United States has articles about legal problems.

But until further precausions have been made, I have to say:

Stay safe – stay home!

  1. I am a little tired of hearing this case.

    I have to critize her a little. Where was her prejudices? If she was using what she properly should have learned by watching movies etc. about the U.S. she should have known that most citizens of Italian descent properly are members of Cosa Nostra.

    Instead she took a job at this firm of his. She did choose to close her eyes just because the job while legal was too well-paid to be offered to an immigrant.

    I hope this case will scare other Danes from leaving the country which have paid their education. I find it shameful that some Danes become so impressed with conditions abroad so they choose to live and work there while the Danish society have paid their education.

    There should be a law which prevented Danes from leaving our country before they have paid the cost for their education back to the state.

  2. If you consult the inmate locator in the United States, you will learn that all the smugglers were released in 2007 shortly after a meeting in Copenhagen between the Danish department of Justice and the DEA.

    At this meeting they decided how to charge her and it seems that the DEA went back and got testimonies supporting the charges in exchange for a release of the entire gang. Look at this link:
    Search the inmate numbers: 71067-004 and 79508-004

    It seems like a kind of conspiracy is the key factor in this case.

  3. I saw the TV today. She looks like she has lost a lot of weight. I guess 15-20 pounds at least.

    I knew that the inmates were not fed properly. I must have been 26 weeks of hell with lack of food unless visitors have bought something for her.

  4. Hopefully we will see fewer of such cases when our youth learn that working abroad is equal a destroyed career. Employers in Denmark have learn that experience outside Denmark doesn’t work.

    Look at the newspaper Urban yesterday: Rejs ud og ryk et felt tilbage, Urban 1. Marts 2010

    It is a matter of time before your youth stop to work abroad. We are looking at a bright future.

  5. Lasse: I don’t understand why she did suspect that this Italian guy was a criminal when he offered her such a well-paid job as consultant.

    I know from several friends working in Sweden in the IT-business that they have to starve just to be able to meet in town the usual 2 or 3 times per week.

    On the Webpage of the Danish Emigration Institute I found an article about how poor people become when they choose to live abroad Beware of callcenters abroad.

    She must willingly have chosen to close her eyes.

  6. Oh, she is a criminal. No grand jury hands down 14 indictments, and no district attorney even bothers to pursue a case, unless they have all the evidence they need to convict (no, that’s not the way it happens on TV, but that’s how it happens in real life). And then to go to the expense of extradition? No, they had an open/shut case against her; she is free on technicality.

    All of you saying “well, let this be a lesson to Danes going abroad” should change that to “well, let this be a lesson to Danes going abroad who want to get involved in drug trafficking.”

  7. The question must be: When did she discover that the smugglers used her knowledge to dress up the smugglers so they looked like professional businessmen and combine this question when did she approach the police to tell on the smugglers.

    Did she hesitate to report them out of safety of her little child, which could make her a criminal?

    She had been in the States for years before she learned Tornelli. She had offered her services to a number of firms and Tornelli had a legal investment firm and an antique business as front for his operations. There was a legal reason for her to work for him.

    Mr. Jenkins: Based on your background you know how even a small mishap in behavior or dress can insult customers abroad. I have seen Danish businessmen dressed like they were about to go to the beach when doing business in Spain due to the hot climate, but down in Spain your wear a dark suit with tie while you are doing business. Otherwise they don’t believe that your are serious.

    I do believe that she started out working with Tornelli in a real legal job, but that she at some point discovered what his real business is.

    In Denmark you can be free of charge as long as you don’t make a too huge a profit. Money doesn’t smell. You can even lie to the police without being charged. Only when you testify in court then you will be in big problems if you lie and they can prove it.

    I believe that she simply hesitated to go to the police because he was known to be extreme violent and carried a gun. A police report speaks of Tornelli beating her up.

    Maybe her putting her child first should result in a criminal conviction, but what I don’t understand is that the newspapers spoke of 60 years of prison to her while Tornelli got 11. He didn’t even serve his time but was released in connection with the meetings between the Danish department of Justice and the DEA when they needed testimonies to back the charges up.

    Why this difference in prison time between a small fish like Broe and the druglord Tornelli?

  8. First, once you have been given the best education in the world in the Danish education system, you should pay something back to our society instead of wandering off to the United States or some other country.

    She should serve time for this alone.

    I agree with the poster above. A little prejudice against other immigrants could have saved her for her entire ordeal.

  9. I agreed the first comment of Jens Hansen. Yes, some countries are already implementing that kind of scheme. When you are paid by the government with your education financial liabilities, you should shall serve the country equivalent to the actual number of years you took your college degree. If you insist to go to abroad to work, you will then pay first all the financial aid incurred made by the government. There are countries already practicing that.

    So how do you like it to be implemented for the Danes in Denmark?

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