Week 25 – The Farce goes on

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This week’s edition is a rather disappointing newsletter. It was expected that Camilla Broe should have been released after a second judge confirmed a previous ruling which exonerated her. However the prosecution appealed the ruling because they properly got the news that Camilla Broe is running out of money which leaves her to a public defender well known to be of such a quality that it according to various blogs would mean she could roast in the chair regardless of the fact that Florida doesn’t use it anymore or not even the prosecution demands the death penalty.

Short to say: The farce goes on.

Back in Denmark a rescue mission is conducted to save the ministers who have been in charge for the department of justice during the entire course of this case:

Lene Espersen, who beside the Camilla Broe case is best known for:

  • not knowing where she lived when she entered the Danish parliament years back
  • the incompetent handling of the Chesnut case where another Danish single mother lost her chance to see her son growing up and the son the chance for schooling in our education system which is known to be second to none
  • finally for starting a reform of both the police and our court system which have resulted in a condition close to collapse.

Brian Mikkelsen who got the chance to fix the problems his predecessor created but failed to fulfill his job. His testimony in the Camilla Broe case has caused members of the parliament to suspect a hidden agenda. It is as inaccurate as when he testified in an ordinary traffic case.

Our Prime ministers has done everything he could to transfer them into positions where they cannot hurt our country anymore. Lene Espersen became head of our Foreign Office. Luckily we don’t use time on other nations anymore. As many as 80 countries can send their representatives at the same time but they will only be allowed to talk to a minister for the department they were going to blackmail anyhow.

I am more concerned about the fact Brian Mikkelsen is controlling the department responsible or our economy and our business sector. Most know how the economy of our police force took its course under his leadership.

But it was clear that both ministers were carrying a burden due to their actions. They needed to be removed to positions where the public can forget their past and in politics memories are short-lived. Two years equals the term “within living memory”.

It is very important to understand what this case means for the youth in our country. Never before did a case influence the choices our youth makes regarding working or studying abroad in such a huge degree. And it is not only the Danes who is starting to care about whether it is more damaging than it benefits youth to learn of foreign cultures and at the same time risking being victimized by either local politics or politics back in your native country.

Oprah has turned her focus on the dangers U.S. Students risk when traveling abroad. The reason is the Amanda Knox case – a case which shocked the entire nation. Her we have a criminal prosecutor convicted to serve 1 year and 4 months for abusing his office. This very person decided to scare foreign exchange students off. Hopefully Oprah’s contribution to this case would damage the Italian tourist industry as heavily as Dr Phil destroyed the tourist industry on Aruba.

But regardless of the impact Oprah’s attack will have the fact remain that our youth must learn that once you cross the border to a foreign nation you leave all behind. The entire reputation your family has in your community is gone. Generations of a family work to improve the social status for the good of their children means nothing once the border is crossed. In well-educated societies where social status is everything when it comes to possible future of a newborn child, the choice to enter a foreign country means have far more consequences than just taking a new address for a period. You start at the bottom in that society.

It was what happened to Camilla Broe. A immigrant she was supposed to get the most lousy jobs and failed to realize that the person offering her a job, taking her to dinners and offering her kindness was a criminal.

She was as naïve as the many employees, the board members, the banks, the stockholders and the accountants in the IT Factory case. But where it was allowed for the +100 people around the manager who managed to cheat people for billions, being naïve was not allowed for Camilla Broe – properly because she was a foreigner.

Based on the comments I got on this blog I now know that a huge percentage of the people caught up in our justice system are foreigners. If they are there because they are criminals or they come here from Eastern Europe as the media tells it carrying all what the Russian army left behind to engage in Home invasions I don’t know. But like youths who choose to live or study abroad they are subject to eternal condemnation.

This is the message needed to get out. Stay at home in your own country where your life is secured – not only by your actions but also on your ancestors.

As for Camilla Broe, pray for a miracle. Pray that her financial situation doesn’t become the deciding factor in this case.

  1. I just saw that they are thinking of arresting for illegal immigration. Then she will be guilty as charged because she did not have a valid VISA when the U.S. Marshalls took her into the U.S.

    It is a smart move from the authorities. If she is convicted of that crime she can not ask for compensation.

    But is also showing as much double-standard as she has been accused for when having worked legally for Tornelli.

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