Week 23 – attacks for my interest in this case

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A lot of persons have made comments on the post I wrote when the judge in Miami gave his recommendation about the trial against Camilla Broe.

It seems that prosecution shifted their strategy based on the paper so they now wait out for her bankruptcy. Justice is as always a question about money.

Some seems to think that this blog is a kind of attack blog against the U.S. I can assure you that it is not the case. In fact money means a lot in Denmark too when it comes to getting justice.

You can get all the justice you want if you manage to turn the media with your cause. I am deeply concerned with the work of professionals who are sent out on a mission. One of the persons I have in mind is a journalist named Karen Thisted.

The first question she must have asked herself before she started to write her opinion of the case against Camilla Broe must have been whether Camilla Broe is a celebrity or not. Of course she isn’t. She is an immigrant who have chosen to enter the United States. She worked for the wrong people, she enjoyed their company, she ate their food and it turned out that she in fact had enjoyed the profit from crimes. In Denmark money doesn’t smell. It is a fact stated many times in our courts. If someone choose to buy you food or to enjoy their company or even engage in a relationship you don’t have to ask yourself if they are able to treat you good because they commit crimes to do it.

Fact is that the police asked Camilla Broe 10 questions which she did truthfully without admitting any guilt. She gave the police dates and names where she had done her work as consultant in a job where she had to make sure that the employees of the firm she worked for had to look like professional businessmen or women.

Because she provided the police with those names, the police knew when the criminals traveled and who that was the drug mules. It was a clearcut case and she did everything she could to help the police. Now she on trial and Eva Smith which are one of our most prestigious experts sees no reasons why The Department of Justice in Denmark was in such a hurry to have her extradited before there was 100 percent certainty that the statutes of limitations were not met. Other legal exports do also have very serious doubts about this case.

Karen Thisted did choose to be a judge. She attacked Camilla Broe claiming that she was naive. Of course we have to take the rather old saying into consideration that the only Italians which live in the United States is member of the Mafia, but it would be the same as claiming that the media in Denmark has been told by our government to remain silent of the ethnic origins of criminals because they almost every time turn out to be immigrants or have origins which have been immigrants. It would not be fair to assume such a general assumption.

But is Karen Thisted against drugs in general. Rather surprising no! She is only against drugs when the offender is from the low income part of our population. She wrote another article where she defended a woman which most will think as a kind of celebrity. This yet unnamed woman who most people have guessed the identity of, but whose name I cannot reveal without risking jail, was heavily defended by Karen Thisted. I just wanted to say: Dear Thisted. This woman was convicted in a court of law! The U.N has warned that celebrity treatment of drug users or drug dealers will prevent drug use from ever being stopped.

But it doesn’t stop people like Thisted from defending people with money and condemning people from low income groups who choose to leave their country for a better life in other countries.

Of course some people claim that the so-called Jetset Queen had spoken with people from another social class, which makes her target of a police investigation based on her choice alone. If you have achieved a certain position in our society you have a responsibility to nurse your position, if not for your own sake then for your children’s sake. In Denmark the social heritage matters. Regardless of what the mother might have done or not have done, I feel sorry for her children.

But her case is far from the first. A student from a boarding school for children from high income groups was on trial for rape after some local farmer girl tried to blackmail him into marriage. He was cleared in court but it did cost a lot for his family to achieve that and he could have avoided the ordeal if he had been more careful about whom he did choose to be with.

Short to say. The so-called Jetset Queen could have avoided ordeal also and if Karen Thisted had chosen to write something about that, I would not have written this blog entry at all.

I am tired of people showing double-standards. As for the Camilla Broe case we have to wait for a book about the case being published sometime in May 2010, where we will learn the truth. First when having read the book it would be fair to give our judgment. Not a second before.


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