Week 22 – what to use your time on

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2010 at 22:13

With absolutely no news about the case against Camilla Broe I will use the entry this week on another mysterious business.

This week Denmark was attack by – Venezuela. Why?

Some ambassadors – only about 80 – had made a meeting with our prime minister. The funny thing was that they were only coming by for a cup of coffee. There is no important business to discuss with the world right now. We were blackmailed by countries at the COP15 we believed had some real interest in the environment. Instead they just came for our wallet.

But life as a prime minister is often about making choices and sometime you have to realize that you cannot be in two places at the same time. So our prime minister did choose to go to the hospital where according to several sources his daughter was rushed in due to an accident.

Instead we sent a minister for foreign aid to the meeting with the ambassadors. They were properly coming for the money and this is the minister who writes the checks our aid programs abroad pay to bribe officials so people can be helped.

It is a rather simple message we are trying to send these days. We had the solution for the COP15 in place before the summit started. It was called the Danish text. It was the future for the world. We cannot entrust nations everywhere with a lot of money without some control. It must be obvious for all. It is obvious for the United States as they have decided to sell all kind of weapons to the government in China which stood by our side in WWII. It did of course anger the self-proclaimed government on the China mainland. I only have to say that they must have seen the price for destroying the possibility for a success at COP15 coming.

COP15 is history. The subject of environment and global heating is dead for us. In fact the most important subject in Danish politics is the dress code for women. We have about 50-100 women here in Denmark which dress rather provoking. It is a question about how much skin we want to see.

I know that certain movements like the people who are behind the blog Western Hijab disagree with me. I can understand their point. Once you start making rules about how much skin people have to show, if they should be allowed to hide their faces behind scarves or how many earrings students are allowed our how low your trousers should be, then we would not be better than Iran.

But it is important for Denmark to preserve our unique culture – the properly most advanced and superior in the world.

We should be able to secure schooling for all and right now only 80 percent makes it past the first 9 years of school. Some are afraid of our culture. They tend to detain their kids as a kind of pre-emptive arrest on strict religious boarding schools or simply lure them abroad so they can forced into marriage at once. We need to force them into a support for our culture instead. We need to make our high schools safe and the most important tool to prevent school shooting is to prevent them from isolating themselves and it is only done by having a good Friday bar. Everybody agree upon that a good Friday bar improves team work and the overall performance.

That’s why we have to demand a minimum rule set about the dress code. This issue is so important that our parliament set up a special commission to deal with this matter.

With so important issue and the second strike on the morale among supporters of terrorists in making it is very clear that our prime minister has to prioritize his work.


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