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I just heard that Camilla Broe was exonerated because the statutes of limitation were met. It was a ruling which allows the DEA to avoid a confrontation with the Danish minister of justice.

It remains unclear the prosecution will appeal the decision.

However we need a motive why the Danish authorities were to keen to ship her off on doctored charges. Because the DEA agent testified under oath, we must assume that it was an intense pressure from the Danish authorities which forced the DEA to demand her extradited.


We need a motive. With a motive I mean that it shoud be another than the rumor going around Danes right now. The evil rumor that it was done to the politicians over in Copenhagen could get rid of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is a skilled and popular politician. So popular that none could go for the job as Prime Minister as long as he remained in the country.

Personally I don’t believe this rumor, because the personal motive of the minister of Justice lacks. She has too many failures on her record. She entered the parliament lying about where she lived so she could collect money for non-existing travelling. She reformed both the police and the court system, so people cannot reach the police when they need to. People cannot report a crime in person. They have to use the Internet which is a challenge for elderlies and blind people. It will freeze in hell before she can become a Prime minister.

So where is the motive for letting Camilla Broe suffer 3 years in court systems and I don’t know for how many days in jail?

  1. I believe that she was a political victim from day one. Of course she made a mistake by traveling abroad and work for this man who showed to be a criminal like almost everybody else in that country if you look on how large a percentage of the population which are in jail.

    But she quickly volunteered to be a police informer once she learned of the criminal activities.

    Then she fell into becoming a political victim for the first time because they would not let a foreign go away free.

    Next she is victim for some kind of domestic political deal here in Denmark and have to suffer an ordeal of three years.

    It is a hard lesson learned for an innocent person like her: Do not work abroad or you will suffer for the rest of your life.

  2. How do you know, that she is actually innocent – just because she said it herself???
    Second of all – assuming that you accept the general definition of the word justice, there has been absolutely nok miscarriage of justice in the Camilla Broe… there is a clear law in both the U.S. and in Denmark forbidding the trafficking of 106,000 ecstacy pills, which is what her indictment accuses her of. In Denmark, if charged she would face up to 15 years in prison if indicted and convicted. Hence, under Danish law the offense carries a statute of limitation of 15 years. Under Danish law the potential sentence is decisive of the length of the Danish Statute of Limitation. Therefore under the Danish Extradition Act there was clear authority to extradite her to the U.S. from where she apparantly had fled upon getting notice from the FBI that she was suspected of a serious narcotics offense. And under American Law it is highly doubtful that her case is actually falling under the Statute of Limitations, as generally fugitives from justice have no statute of limitations to protect them. Incidentally the decision last week was not a final decision or a judgment but merely an opinion by a magistrates judge, which the prosecution has the full right to have tried by the full district court in Miami, and maybe in the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta. Considering also that she appeared three times before Danish judges, of which the highest in order (the High Court) found her liable for extradition, I ask you to please tell me in what way justice has been miscarried in the Camilla Broe case? And to keep an open mind as to her guilt… I hope for her sake that she is not guilty, but let there be no doubt, that if she is found to be guilty, she should face a stiff sentence, which can be carried out in Denmark.

  3. I have to agree that it is unlawful to transport such pills across the border, but that it not what she have been charged with.

    Her involvement is restricted to have given advice how to dress in a way to make less suspicion and how to move money around in the system so the income from the smuggling operation could be hidden from the authorities.

    It is hardly a crime. It is something most lawyers, employees in the banks and accountants do a lot of the time.

    If she could have been charged with conspiracy she could have been convicted, but she cannot be sentenced for that because of the terms in the extradition agreement.

    Regarding the statute of limitation you can read the ruling from the judge here

    It is a very clear ruling, but it is about honor instead of justice, so it must the explanation of the appeal.

  4. Let me tell you all who have never met Camilla. Not one of you.
    Camilla lived the drug lifestyle and profiteered from it. She
    ran with the drug lords and helped hide money. She got pregnant
    at a wild sex orgy with Jacob Orgad aka Koki conficted drug lord.
    Victim…? Hardly – you should have seen her in her drug days and
    looked at the body bags of young Americans that died from her drugs.

  5. Let me tell you all who have never met Camilla. Not one of you.
    Camilla lived the drug lifestyle and profiteered from it. She
    ran with the drug lords and helped hide money. She got pregnant
    at a wild sex orgy with Jacob Orgad aka Koki conficted drug lord.
    Victim…? Hardly – you should have seen her in her drug days and
    looked at the body bags of young Americans that died from her drugs.

  6. You are right. I don’t know her now and I did not know her then. What I do care about is whether is right to prosecute her for actions, which are not crimes in Denmark.

    Drug smuggling is and if she herself had carried just one pill across the border, then of course she should have been prosecuted. Instead they “just” state that she is guilty of aiding the criminal persons. It is not a crime in Denmark.

    In a superior culture like ours, crime is based on social heritage. Well educated people as Lawyers and Accountants like Broe can rent office space to trafficked women and help hide the money from the IRS all they want. They are very seldom prosecuted. Conspiracy is simply not a crime here and “Obstruction of justice” is only a crime if you do it in person.

    So this whole extradition story is a question about extraditing people for action which is not a crime in Denmark. Now where Broe was extradited we have to ensure that she is not a special case – that the law is eqaul for everyone. We have a number of refugees who are in Denmark because they have converted to Christianity which is a crime where they came from.

    Some – even women and children – have been deported already to Iraq and whatever. More will follow because the Broe case have told us that Denmark should not be a place for criminals to hide.

    But maybe you can answer me where we should stop. Should we accept that a law abroad regardless if we think that it is unfair should result in a criminal prosecution or should we settle with extraditing persons who are accused for actions which is a crime in Denmark?

  7. To “You dont know Camilla” – you are right – I don’t know her, which is why I hold no grutches towards her person, but towards what she is charged with, which is illegal.

    Second of all, please be advised that the decision from the magistrate judge is A RECOMMENDATION, and not a final decision. As such, no final decision has yet been rendered on whether or not the statute of limitation has actually run out. And therefore there is no basis – especially with a woman, who when last free in America, and told of the pending charges, willingly fled to Denmark, with the calculated hope not to be facing the charges in Florida. Therefore there is still the flight risk, and therefore any motion for release should and will hopefully be denied.

    You can wine all you want about conspiracy being a crime in Denmark or not. I certainly know this: Aiding and abetting a criminal in a criminal act IS A CRIME in Denmark, under section 23 of our penal code, and punishable in principle with the same sentence that the actual perpetrator gets. To me that is conspiracy.

    And to me it constitutes being a fugitive from justice, when you storm out of the US, after the FBI tells you, that you are being investigated, thus abriging the Statute of Limitation.

    So we will have to see what happens when the actual federal court renders its final decision.

  8. If this country over there which is only about 200 years old adjusted their laws so they look like the laws in our superior culture with +1000 year history then there would be basis for charging her. Her father is only a bricklayer as far as I have been informed. Social heritage matter. Down in Naestved a farmer girl tried to blackmail one the boys from the boarding school to marriage by shouting blackmail. Due to fine work in court they were able to solve the matter to the satisfaction of all.

    Conspiracy could have meant that the killer of the police officer killed by the Blekinge steet gang would have been convicted. Even now the killer is not punished for the murder because the Danish penal code does not allow the prosecution to charge everybody who had participated in the robbery for murder. They will continue to go free as long as they don’t talk.

    Second there is the question about possible perjury conducted by the DEA agent. He stated that it was Lene Espersen who pushed the case forward and forced the DEA to take the path through our very slow court system instead of just abducting her from an European country. It is a statement which have been denied by every person in our government. If the DEA agent could make a false statement about this little thing, then what are they also lying about?

    I recognize the existence of the section 23, but it is not targeted against so-called white collar crimes like the charges which are brought against Broe. The section of the police which investigate white collar crimes was only founded to prosecute Glistrup and they have not been successful in any other case since. Even when a lot of firms were emptied for unpaid taxes in the early 1990’s the only persons who got prison time were the fall-guys inserted as managers for the firms. The profit generated to employees in the banks, accountants and lawyers were not followed by any conviction and prison time for the persons involved.

  9. I am very concerned with about consequences where the appeal show that the United States has no intention to honor the extradition agreement.

    What if are actually giving up our independence in the legal area?`

    I know of an European agreement with the United States where the built-in security in the Danish extradition agreement which secure that she will be returned to Denmark no later than 6 months after the court would have sentenced her if she is found guilty of the ridiculous charges, does not longer exist.

    Second most Danes don’t know that any Dane can be extradited to another European country to face charges which are not considered a crime in Denmark. Please look at the blog called “The forgotten Danes”, where you can find a link to a hearing in the Danish parliament.

    It is easy to avoid breaking Danish laws. They are all published in a certain paper. If you fail to read this newspaper it is your own fault. But how do you secure that you don’t break a law in another country while you remain in Denmark. A Dane was extradited to Germany for bad taste in music.

  10. My cousin worked for a firm around year 2000. They had quite an export to Florida before the company was shut down following the Aston IT collapse.

    He told me about an environment based on a lot of xenophobia against Danes. The person responsible for a lot of Danish export Florida was arrested on the murder of his wife which took place while he was at the mall with their daughter.

    Maxwell Mccord is his name and he was known to operate on the highest ethical standards. He was therefore our head of export in Florida and was widely used as consultant for others.

    He is escaped the chair with a little margin because he was a foreigner – a chair which the state attorney bragged about because it was mall-functioning so it cooked the inmates to death.

    The prosecution of Mccord meant the end for our export and Aston IT is gone today together with several hundred of jobs.

    The so-called charges against Camilla Broe appeared in the same time period as the charges against Mccord was invented.

    So maybe it is part of some kind of anti-import campain. I don’t know but it is working.

  11. To Rostne
    So Denmark has a superior justice system compared to the U.S. – this can only be said by someone who knows too little about both, that being you!

    If your claim is that there are no convictions according to section 23 of the Danish penal code, you are absolute ridiculously wrong.

    Very often charges are also filed under section 23.

    As to the Blekingegade gang you are also wrong. The court found that you could not charge everybody with murder, because you could not find out who was the actually the murderer. Furthermore great doubt was placed in the court case about whether there was proof of intent to kill. I remember there was testimony regarding the angle of the entry wound of the bullet that killed the police officer, and which had the conclusion that the shooter would have had to be 210 cm high. Furthermore it is doubtful under Danish law whether you can convict a group of murder, if everybody is not familiar with the fact that a murder will occur. It is similar with a bankrobbery – if the actual robber has made an agreement with his co-defendant before the crime, that there will only be a burglary or a simple theft, and the co-defendant then commits the robbery anyway, his co-defendant cannot be punished for the robbery.

    That is Danish law. To me Danish law needs tougher penalties and wider access to a conviction of conspirazy.

    But that is a side issue.

    The fact remains that it is a joke to claim that Camilla Broe has been denied justice by being extradited. The law is clear about when you can be extradited. The charges were clear. It is obvious that the charges were not eliminated by the Danish statute of limitations, which is what the Danish authorities must make sure, and whether or not they were eliminated due to American Statute of Limitations or not is not for the Danish authorities nor the Danish courts to decide. Nice spin but a lie nevertheless from Camilla Broes attorney. Therefore there was clearly legal justice served by extraditing her.

    Whether or not the DEA Agent committed perjury or not is for the court in the United States and not in Denmark to be decided, and ultimately the decision on the credibility is to be decided by the jury, in Miami. Therefore it should have no bearing on the extradition question.

    To Anne Olsen
    The fact that you did or do not know the law is your own fault – not the governments as it is a widely held principle that lack of knowledge of the law is not a valid excuse for breaking it. And if Camilla Broe did not know that drugsmugling is illegal, then she has major problems, and not only legal ones.

    For your information all laws in all civil countries, whether it be Denmark, the United States or Germany is widely published.

    To Karl Johanson: May be you ought to get some medical help for your paranoia, if you seriously believe that there is a connection between the Mccord and the Broe-cases. And again: What other than the claims from Camilla Broe and her sister do you have that constitutes knowledge, that she is actually as innocent as she says that she is?

  12. I just saw this blog entry and I would like to comment. In Denmark we don’t operate with felony murder rule. If we had felony murder rule the Blekinge Street gang and their supporters would have gone down for murder unless they testified against the others to secure their freedom.

    Regarding the penal code 23. It is used for the low income group – not for white collar crimes like the one Camilla Broe is charged me.

    Correct me if I am wrong: Are there any of the charges where they actually claim that she had smuggled drugs in person? As far as I can see, she is charged with obstruction of justice, conspiracy and to some extend money laundry.

    Can anyone produce a link to a case in Denmark where a employee in a bank has been convicted for that? As far as I remember it is correct as stated in one of the previous comments that it was the fall guys who ended up behind bars. We are talking of so huge sums that the transactions were cleared on manager level. Prosecuting her for being too slow to discover to comprehend that the fine investment and antique firm was a front for a crime is more than a little over the hill.

    Then there is the question why the prosecution had to take place in Florida. Maybe you can remember the Nerma case where Danish sailors smuggled drugs into Florida. While the boss was taken redhanded and prosecuted in the United States, the rest of the sailors were convicted in Denmark regardless of the fact that the crime had been committed in the United States.

    If she is convicted in Florida she will be transferred to Denmark where her sentence will be reviewed, annulled and replaced with a new sentence based on Danish sentence guidelines. So every cent spent by the U.S. Taxpayers is wasted because a conviction would not matter at all.

    The only goal they can achieve is to scare Danish youth away from the United States, which is not that bad at all. My nephew wanted to be an exchange student and when he asked the school they gave him links like this one where it is clear that her case matters for our youth.

    I came to think that it must be difficult to come from a foreign culture. You will most certain connect with people at the bottom in the society. Just look at how many people with foreign ancestors who occupy our prisons. I don’t believe Langballe and those people who state that it has something to do with their religion.

    I believe that people must realize that if you choose to live in another country it is an investment for generations. People need to prove themselves so they have to start at the bottom dealing the lowest social class which often include criminals before their children or even grandchildren can earn the respect as ordinary citizens. Maybe that’s why Camilla Broe was so unlucky that she ended up knowning the wrong kind of people. In a country where one out of 100 has been in prison at some time is must be very easy to make bad choices.

  13. To Anne Berntsen: Yes please keep your children in Denmark if their intent is to come to America and sell drugs. If they come to be educated or lawfully work in the society they have nothing to worry about. Isn’t this true in all civilized societies? It is a shame that Camilla’s parents who brought her here and lived with her did not instill some moral compass. If you Anne have guided your children correctly, they will have no problem in the greatest country on God’s green earth – The United States of America.

  14. To Rotsne: The arrogant tone you use when saying Denmark is a superior culture is simply obnoxious. Superior to whom? That homogenous remark is typical of someone from Skandia. I know, I am a purebread. Rather than making idealistic remarks that are not based on fact, take the time to do some good ol’ fashioned realistic journalism. You seem bright enough – put it to use. Don’t dilute your talent and blog down to a gossip rag. Your obsession with Camilla Broe is borderline neurotic.

  15. To Henrick:
    You sound very level headed. Please start a sensical blog. I will participate in your fact based knowledge. The emotional diatribe on this blog has become simply a bore.

  16. Henrik Adamsen not Henrick. Sorry Henrik!

  17. To “you don’t know Camilla” – you are forgiven – I have yet to meet an American who spell my name correctly, however, I consider it irrelevant, and in no way something that hurts me.

  18. To Anne Berntsen: Where in the world do you get the idea that white collar criminals cannot be charged with an connected for violation of Section 23 of the Danish Criminal code. I will admit that I cannot not point to concrete caselaw, at this time, but looking at the text of the provisions and the comment in Karnov – the leading Danish collection of laws and commentaries, I see nothing to indicate that White collar criminals cannot be charged and convicted, if the court is convinced of their guilt of such violation.

    I cannot tell you why the prosecution must take place in Florida, so let me venture a guess: Maybe it is a matter of having the witnesses that need to testify before the court close by, so they wont have to go to Denmark… second of all, I can imagine that the Americans want to prosecute and proces the case under American law, and not being subject to the law of a foreign nation – to me that is completely acceptable – the purported crime was committed in the United States, supposedly by a person, who albeit was a Danish citizen, was a legal resident of the United States. To me therefore it is only fair, when authorized by the law, that she is extradited and prosecuted under American Law in an American Court.

    Said simply to Camilla Broe: If you don’t want to do the time, then make sure, you don’t do the crime.

    I don’t see the relevance of the felony murder rule in this debate and neither do I see the relevance of the Blekingegade case. That was a case that was committed in Denmark by Danish citizens, except for the French terrorist who took part in the robbery in the post-office in 1988. But don’t forget that he was also prosecuted in Denmark.

    The fact remains that under Danish law the whole group was not chargeable with murder – that should not prevent Camilla Broe from being charged for her possible participation in a serious drug crime in the United States.

    I remember the Nerma case very well, in fact some of my friends, who live in Miami, acted as court translators for some of the Danish sailors who were also arrested and tried in Miami, so it is not true that only the captain was prosecuted in America.

    But like what will be the case with Camilla Broe, he was sent to Denmark to serve his sentence, after his conviction.

    You should know that Camilla Broe under the letter of the law can be given a 15 year sentence in Denmark for the crime for which she is charged.

  19. I am only interested in this case because it is the first time a Dane is extradited outside Europe for something which is not a crime in Denmark. Conspiracy is not a crime in Denmark.

    A lot of Danes find this case useful because the important burden for our country right now is the refugees. People who come here because they have committed crimes against local laws like converting to Christianity. Their point is: If Camilla Broe can be extradited for an act, which is not a crime in Denmark then surely all the refugees can be sent back to be executed, if they break local laws like not marrying the person their parents have chosen for them, converting from a status as heathen to Christianity or simply not voting for the single guy they can choose among. Why should the laws in the United States be more important than the laws in Iraq or Iran?

    That’s why the Camilla Broe case is important. 23 men and women were sent to Iraq just a few days before Camilla Broe was sent to the United States just to reassure our population that her extradition was not a special case. Many of them were arrested when they arrived after some 10-15 years as refugees in Denmark. Frankly I don’t care about their destiny. I can not get my early retirement called “Efterløn” because of the costs to our society for housing them. But I realize that our public reputation can be damaged if we start to do the right thing for our society – extraditing everyone out of respect for local laws. That’s why we have to question every thing statement given in this case.

    We have already the justice minister in Denmark and the police in Miami pointing fingers at each other. One of them is lying. Can be trust a single word given by the police in this case? I don’t think so.

  20. In the Nerma case the police stopped a boat. The Captain and some key members of the crew were prosecuted in the United States because they were caught there. Had the police arrested Camilla Broe back then in the United States, then she would have been a gooner because she as a Dane has dignity enough not to invent charges on others just to get off herself as they others obvious did as she turned them in working as a kind of police agent. The police has confirmed her help. Had she been caught over there, I would not have protested. It is normal for immigrants to be involved in crimes. Just look at our courts here in Denmark. How large a part of the criminals have non-Danish ethnic roots?

    But like the most of the smugglers in the Nerma case she made it back to Denmark. Then surely she should have faced charges here like most of the sailors from the Nerma case but the problem is that the only evidence against her is the word from the very people she turned in. It smells like a kind of revenge against an upstanding woman.

    Regarding the captain. He was allowed to return to Denmark but only after a blackmail from the authorities where he had to pay his way out of the jail. His family borrowed money in a bank to send over there just so the DEA could state that they got some drug money. It did punish his family more that it did punish him because they are now unable to make a living because chances of succes in Denmark is very much based on social heritage and the money your parents have to pay for apartment and education etc.

  21. Well, the people sent to Iraq had been in the country illegally for several years, if you have any interest in speaking the truth, Rotsne… except they hid in Brorsons Church making it hard for the police to round them up. So their cases – like the Blekingegade case and the Nerma case has little if any bearing at all on Camilla Broe’s case.

    It is true that Camilla Broe did help the police, but that does not mean, that she is guaranteed a free pass, if she is herself guilty… and my fundamental question is this to you, Rotsne: What actual, factual evidence have you seen from the case, that convinces you that Camilla Broe is not guilty of the charges against her… to my knowledge there is only hers, her relatives and her lawyers claims – no evidence that supports them.

    Again: If you wont do the time – dont do the crime! Drugsmuggling or participation therein is a crime in Denmark and in the United States alike.

  22. It is about timing and removing focus from the case. The Danish authorities knew this extradition case was extraordinary. So putting people on a plane to Iraq and certain death (I believe that a number of them are already unaccounted for) did remove focus from her extradition. That they no longer had a status as refugee because we kicked Saddam Hussein out was old news and Bagdad has been as safe as Noerrebro or Tingbjerg in Copenhagen for years. But why choose this specific date?

    I also have to state that that denying this case access to the Supreme Court was rather odd. It was the first case of its kind. Most did expect that the relief worker and author Niels Holck would have gone to India first in exchange for hosting COP15 and maintain our export of ships to be wreaked or perhaps Christa Møllgaard-Hansen for her alleged support of terrorism in Pakistan (The Americans did siege the money just in time before it ended up at a person with a name matching a person in the innercircle around Bin-Laden). Instead it became Broe who had the honor.

    About my information. The information in the blog is created based on information we get from the United States. I don’t know her or the persons around her. In fact we exchange legal documents with people fighting fundamentalist groups in the United States. It started with Faderhuset in Denmark and Word of Faith Fellowship Church in North Carolina. Faderhuset won a battle in Copenhagen because they were up against amateurs when it came to using the media. Never again will we accept an attack against the Danish youth culture which ends up in riots and street violence. Next time someone attack our moral values we will meet them in their own backyard. We are a number of Danes which will use the Internet to publish whatever message which will bring our opponents down.

    People abroad are happy with our work. A number of raids against religious schools in the United States where students are forced to wear shackles and handcuffs or they are forced to attend bizarre mind games wearing clothes you will buy in an adult shop has been conducted. In Denmark we have managed to bring focus to the fact that religious organization have forced themselves into the treatment industry running programs for addicts. Both in the United States and in Denmark religious organization have based their income from this industry and our work hurts them – alot. In return of our work we get certain court records sent here, lawyers have access to. It is more ammo for our case.

    The Broe case is useful politically and in fact if you google her name, the first words you will find are “victim”, “show trial”, “single mother”.

    If people are offended by this blog, I don’t care. I am still learning and can improve my work. The cartoon war meant that some 200 people were killed abroad, so there are room for improvement.

  23. To Rotsne: Is it true like you said, that in Denmark it is not a criminal act and you can sell drugs, hide drug profits and hire mules to transport drug internationally? Now you say Camilla had dignity? Now I wonder; were you on the receiving end of her drug sales. Camilla never cooperated with the DEA here and simply got on a plane to Denmark to avoid prosecution. Let me tell you a fact…her phones were tapped, they were all over her
    in the United States and abroad. Camilla was operating the majority of her crime in Miami and West Hollywood, Ca. The targeted drug trafficing was sent to the United States.

    Special Agent in Charge Trouville stated “this case demonstrates the persistence typical of DEA Special Agents who will relentlessly hunt drug traffickers no matter how long it takes.”

    Again Camilla was not a victim and lived a very sordid lifestyle. She ran to Denmark to hide under Danish law when the DEA went after her. It is sad she made such horrible choices, but for you to defend her actions is heinous. Please tell me that
    you are not spinning the facts to cover your own involement. Or have you committed a similar crime and rally for those like souls?

    Hi Henrik! Thanks for your response.

  24. Rotsne: You stated A number of raids against religious schools in the United States where students are forced to wear shackles and handcuffs or they are forced to attend bizarre mind games wearing clothes you will buy in an adult shop has been conducted. WTF!
    You gotta be kidding. At this point you should be reported.
    I really wonder who you are now. Your propaganda is heinous and delusional. Now I will make sure to unveil you and your lies.

  25. Rotsne: Last response to you. I read again your message and the true purpose of your blog is to promote atheists. You stated:
    Both in the United States and in Denmark religious organization have based their income from this industry and our work hurts them – alot. In return of our work we get certain court records sent here, lawyers have access to. It is more ammo for our case.

    Carry on soldier and you will see like fallen souls in hell.
    Remember to bring your sun screen and beach ball.

  26. One last pint to everyone reading this blog. I keep reading THE CRIME Camilla commited. Uh, it is many crimes. Please read all
    of the crimes she is charged with at

  27. Mount Bachelor Academy – Oregon – shut down after they forced the students suffering from depression after rapes to wear miniskirts and dance for the teachers. The letters the students were allowed to write were monitored so they bizarre behavior was withheld from parents and the police for more than 10 years.
    Reclamation Ranch – Alabama – kids were forced to wear shackles
    Victory Forge Military Academy – Florida – kids were forced to wear shackles

    It is just some of the present cases. A wilderness program in Oregon lost a boy and the sheriff calls the operation reckless.

    Kids are dying and 85-88 percents of the deaths are settled in private so they are not ending up on the victim list. The treatment of so-called alcohol and drug users are more deadly if Camilla Broe had been guilty and she was given the pills out in kindergartens.

  28. I just have to say that I am happy that these charges met the statutes of limitations. Justice must be equal for everyone and as long as Germany denies us Søren Kam, I don’t want to have any Danes extradited anywhere until we can get justice.

    Kam is a murderer who were involved in the killing of several Danes during WWII. We are many who had family members who suffered due to actions of him and people alike.

  29. Rotsne: I propose that you start being critical to your sources, because obviously someone is pulling your leg, seriously.

    Is it not true that the people sent off to Iraq had been in the country ILLEGALLY for years, and refused to leave? Finally, the authorities had enough.

    And may I suggest medical attention to your problems, if you seriously believe that there is an interconnection between the Camilla Broe-case and the sending off of illegal refugees? In your case it is highly needed.

    As to the Camilla Broe case it is as simple as cutting a knife through soft butter: She has been accused of a serious crime in the United States according to the rules of procedure and criminal law in the United States.

    There is clear authority under the Danish extradition act to extradite her to the United States, as her crime has not fallen subject to the Danish Statute of Limitation (15 years).

    The Danish Authorities even asked the US Department of Justice, which is the highest federal authority on the matter in the United States, whether or not the American Statute of Limitation was applicable. THE ANSWER WAS NO. So what are the Danish Authorities to do.

    And one final thing: Do not believe that the opinion from Miami on January 5 was a final decision: IT WAS A RECOMMENDATION which is now, fully and legally under appeal to the full district court.

    Just another example of why Camilla Broe was not denied any justice whatsoever.

    As to an attack on a youth movement: You are laughable… was it not this so called youth movement who for years terrorized Norrebro and the ordinary, non anarchistic people living there, crushing small businesses, burning cars… indeed it was.

    So in my opinion your so-called movement got everything they deserved.

  30. To Birthe Hansen: NOTHING has been decided regarding the American Statute of Limitation. Please do not be mislead by Rotsne or others who will tell you this. It is a recommendation from a Magistrates Judge, which is now under review by the District Court for the Southern District of Florida, under real United States judges… why do you think the question of release on bail for Camilla has not come up yet, if there was a final decision.

  31. And to Birthe Hansen: We cannot disagree with the fact that Søren Kam is a criminal who should face charges for what he did – there should be no statute of limitation regarding murder. But it is totally irrelevant in so far as Camilla Broe is concerned… she does not become more innocent just because Søren Kam is not extradited.

  32. To Henrik: Great posts that carved off the BS spin of this blog.
    I have come to believe that Rotsne keeps Camilla’s name in his blog, spewing unfactual reports simply to bring viewers from a search engine hot topic. I doubt her name means anything to him in the end.

    Did anyone even know Rotsne – the opportunist and blatant fraudulant fact salesman before Camilla Broe? Rotsne has placed Urban Legends on this blog.

    Here is my Urban Legend. Did you know that the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is really a dead female student, forced to wear a mermaid costume and then was covered in bronze while she was still alive? Oh my, warning to all young American students thinking about traveling abroad – Don’t visit Copenhagen.

  33. To Rotsne:

    Some strange Danish headline news:

    In Denmark, an increasingly high number of pigs are arriving at slaughterhouses with visible injuries caused from being beaten with planks and chains.

    Every year in Denmark (Faroe Islands), around 2,000 Calderon Dolphins are slaughtered for their flesh and as a “heroic” pratice to show manhood.
    It is necessary to mention that the Calderon Dolphin, like All other world wide Dolphins, are in danger of extinction.

    Entire pods of these intelligent sea mammals are herded into coves by boaters. They are driven onto shore to be killed. Terrified animals see and hear their family members being ripped apart. (The sea remains a bright bloody red for days after the hunt.) Fishermen slice the whales heads and other body parts with sharp knives, while they are still alive and thrashing to escape. If the whales do not go ‘willingly’ onto shore, a long, metal hook will be inserted into their blowholes and they will be literally dragged onto the rocky shore.

    In 2003 the Save the Children Denmark Internet hotline received 4684 reports. 25% of these reports involved illegal images or video clips featuring the sexual violation of children.

    Rotsne you can find a stain on any country. As a society we should be watch dogs. But creeps and weirdos do exsist in all countries and unfortunately slip through the cracks.
    Collectively we should be on the watch globally. We are our brother’s keeper.

    Don’t trash a country because of isolated instances. It is the same as that wacky uncle most families have. Can you still proclaim Denmark a superior culture after reading the above outquotes? Superior to whom?

  34. Rotsne:

    Are these your superior friends?

    “For sale along with 500 autonome, stone throwing, violent psychopaths from hell.”.
    Ungdomshuset-an underground scene venue for music and rendezvous point for varying autonomen and leftist groups from 1982 until 2007
    In August 2003, Faderhuset served a writ upon Ungdomshuset and its users and claimed ownership of the building. In December the same year, the trial began at the Copenhagen County Court.
    On 7 January 2004 the verdict from City Court arrived, stating that Faderhuset was entitled to sue four activists (rather than Ungdomshuset itself) since Ungdomshuset functions without a hierarchical management and is therefore not regarded as an organisation. The court, however, denied Faderhuset compensation.[citation needed]
    Both sides appealed against the decision; Faderhuset demanding compensation and Ungdomshuset demanding future right of usage. On 28 August 2006 the National Court stated, as the City Court did, that the right of ownership and usage of Ungdomshuset belonged to Faderhuset and it was free to evict the inhabitants.
    Originally, this decision ordered the current occupants out by 9:00 a.m. on the morning of 14 December 2006.[11] Ungdomshuset was also denied the right of appeal to the Supreme Court, meaning that they had no further options within the legal system. The police, however, stated that they would not evict the activists until 2007.[12]
    The activists refused to leave the house and barricaded themselves inside. In addition, an open-letter stating “Troublemakers of the World; We bid you Welcome!” had been sent to different autonomous groups around the world, asking for help defending the house in the event of a forced eviction.[13]
    On 12 December, Faderhuset refused an offer from the foundation “Jagtvej 69” to sell the house for DKK 13 million.[14][15]
    On 16 December, around 2000 activists, some of them foreigners, demonstrated in Copenhagen in support of Ungdomshuset. The police had not been notified of the demonstration. The vanguard of the demonstration wore masks or helmets, which is not permitted by law during demonstrations in Denmark. The police ordered the demonstration to break up and the demonstrators to disperse. The demonstrators attacked the police; stones and fireworks were thrown at the police and burning barricades set up. The demonstration degenerated into what the police characterised as the worst riots in Denmark in many years—they used teargas, which is a very rare occurrence in Denmark.[16] Both police and demonstrators were injured.
    By the end of the night 273 people had been arrested. The majority of those arrested were released the following day, 17 December.[17][18] The total number of demonstrators arrested was amongst the highest for a single event in Denmark since World War II. The fury of the demonstrators was described by the police as the worst since 18 May 1993, when another violent demonstration (this time against Danish EU membership) by the extreme left injured 92 officers and 11 demonstrators.
    On 1 March 2007 Ungdomshuset was cleared of its occupants by the police at about 7:00 (CET) in the morning. A 50 metre area surrounding the building was sealed off. The building was taken with assistance from a military helicopter, an airport crash tender and two boom cranes, used as a form of modern day siege towers. Special forces entered the building from the roof, the windows and the ground, while the house was covered in foam to diminish the effectiveness of possible counter attacks such as Molotov cocktails. Afterwards the supporters of Ungdomshuset announced that it was “either an Ungdomshus or a battle for an Ungdomshus — the clearing will never be forgiven”. Rioting broke out, including a blockade of Nørrebrogade, the main street of Nørrebro, and fires in the areas surrounding Freetown Christiania and south of Nørrebrogade. Containers were turned over, windows were broken. Molotov cocktails were thrown out by the demonstrators, at the cries of “The street are ours!” Setting up barricades, they played alter-globalization songs such as Manu Chao from trucks.[8] Riot police used tear gas on several occasions throughout the riots; more specifically CS gas (2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile).The entire area was unsafe and neighbors to Ungdomshuset were told to stay indoors. It was unsafe to walk the streets because of the riots and because the police proclaimed that anyone without a valid reason for being on the streets would be arrested. [19] There were also demonstrations in Oslo carried out by the Blitz community. The police moved out with police dogs and were prepared to use tear gas[20]
    On 3 March 2007, there was more rioting outside Ungdomshuset,[21] and by 12:36 am local time, the area of Nørrebro was completely overrun.[22] At the same time further riots were taking place in the area around Freetown Christiania. Rioters used cars and rubbish bins to build barricades and set fires on the streets. One fire spread to a nearby kindergarten[23] but was quickly extinguished.[24] In a secondary school, the library and media room were ransacked and books and computers were burned on the street. The cost of the damages at the school was estimated to be around 1 million Danish kroner (133,000 euros).[25] On the same day, the famous Little Mermaid was painted pink and a graffiti ’69’ and circle-A was painted on the stone on which the statue rests. Although police would not confirm a link between this event and the Ungdomshuset riots, the graffiti seems an obvious reference to the squat’s address, and news sources around the world used the incident to mention the March 3 riots at the same time.[26][27]
    Also that morning, police raided six to eight addresses in Nørrebro in an attempt to find and deport foreign activists.[28] Although foreigners were the primary target of these raids, a larger number of those arrested were Danes. The members of Ungdomshuset’s legal support group (retsgruppen) were supposedly amongst those arrested, but police described this as ‘purely coincidental’.[29]
    In total, the police carried out raids searching for activists for six days and six nights, for example at the People’s House of Stengade, at an independent collective in Baldersgade, at the Solidaritetshuset and in many personal flats in Copenhagen.[8] More than 140 foreigners were arrested on the grounds of “presumption of danger”, without being charged.[8] This was denounced by the Association of Parents against Police Brutality.[8] Many under-age people were arrested and registered in data bases. The frontiers were controlled. In total, 690 arrests were made in three days.[9]
    The operation had an international scale, and has even been qualified by Le Monde diplomatique as “a ‘laboratory experience’ in police repression.” Twenty Swedish police vehicles were brought over from Malmö, and five senior Swedish police officials invited for observation.[8] Witnesses have claimed that plainclothes police agents, wearing earphones, circulated in the scene of the riots, speaking foreign languages (German, French and English).[8] Asked by a Danish newspaper, the Copenhagen’s police’s spokesman denied the presence of active units from others countries. However, he recognized that, “if there had been” some, it was “in quality of observers”.[8] Other analysts noticed that the same tactics used by the French police during the 2006 students’ protests against the First Employment Contract (CPE) had been used: special units of undercover agents moving around the demonstrators, and suddenly grabbing those who seemed to be the leaders.[8] Since the Internet had been used by the demonstrators to coordinate their movements, hour by hour, informing about the police’s whereabouts, a new priority of the police forces, according to Le Monde diplomatique, was to pirate this information.[8]

  35. I think you hit it right on the money, “You don’t know Camilla”… and I must say – I have a feeling that Camilla does not sympathize with Rotsne’s friends either…

    but to fight his enemy (the USA) apparently Rotsne will go to any lenghts.

  36. To “You don’t know Camilla”: Working for an ISP where a lot of traffic to foreign countries passes through, I am able to track some traffic and I don’t know what kind of role you have in the Camilla Broe case living in the Dallas area.

    In another post I saw a angry post from a women in eastern Europe. Her boyfriend was from Israel and was somehow a victim in this case.

    Did you actually know here from before? I saw a Supreme Court transcript and every time they mention some of the bosses in this drug network she is never mentioned. It is always this gun-carrying Tonelli guy which threatens people.

    Here is one link:

    I also saw today that she has run out of money so even if she manages to clear her name, she will have lost the case. It will be too late for her ever to get a life once the case is over if she is released in a short time.

    I don’t get why we Danish taxpayers did pay the bill for her defense. After all the United States government paid the bill for 23 CIA agents in an abduction case, they have no interest in. I have asked to get a secret phone number. The lesson learned in this case is that every criminal in the United States can name a random Dane as druglord and then the Dane will be extradited.

    It is an awful case.

  37. To K. Joensen: May be you ought to investigate WHY Camilla Broe does not appear in the case that you refer to… just MAY BE it is because it is a case instigated by the Florida Bar Association (the society responsible for the lawyers doing their job in an ethical way), because the respondent had violated the rules for lawyers behavior in Florida. In other words – the case in which Camilla Broe is charged with conspiracy has nothing to do with the case you are referring, just as little as does the case regarding sending home iraqi illegal refugees to Iraq, or the Blekingegade case had to do: That is to say NO RELEVANCE AT ALL to Camilla Broe’s case.

    So in other words it is laughable to take the above fact as any sign whatsoever, that Camilla Broe is not seriously considered a suspect in the case for which she is now awaiting an appeal.

    Let me reiterate: I have no opinion as to whether or not Camilla Broe is guilty or not guilty of the charges brought against her. But I know this, having previously studied law both in Denmark and in the United States (Miami as a matter of fact): There is no final decision on the question of whether or not the charges are void due to the statute of limitations in the United States… there is only a RECOMMENDATION from a magistrates judge, which is now under review (the recommendation) by the District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Since Camilla Broe has already shown by her actions one, that she is willing to obstruct justice by fleeing the charges, there is no way she should be set free until the case is finally through. She poses a flight risk, pure and simply.

    It is stupid to claim, based on the extradition of Camilla Broe, which has clear authority under Danish and International law, that every dane must now fear extradition to the United States. Only if the conditions in the Danish Extradition Law are met, that is charges of an offense punishable by several years in prison, no possibility of death penalty nor of torture, and that the case is not subject to the Danish statute of Limitations (which is 15 years according to the Danish Criminal Code), will extradition take place.

    Furthermore I find it ridiculous to compare it to the case of the abduction in Italy and the non-appearance of 23 CIA-agents… just where in the world are the similarities?

    And let me save you the time and the difficulty by revealing that I am writing this in the Hillerod area in Denmark, whatever relevance that has for the validity of my arguments.

  38. Thank you Henrik for your wisdom and keeping this blog factual.

  39. To K. Joensen: Camilla Broe lived in the Dallas area for many years.
    People are very familiar with her case and the lifestyle she lead.
    Please give me your location and name of company you work for so I can inform them you are tracking individual’s ISP address’s during your work hours. Tonelli was a a low step in the ladder to take down a very powerful Israeli drug ring. Read Chemical Cowboys by Lisa Sweetingham. The story evolved even after that book was written. Here is the father of Camilla Broe’s child Isabella.
    Jacob Orgad aka “Koki”. What a sterling choice for a father. I could go on, but will let you do the remaining research of the truth. Your agruments are dissolving quicker than a pinch of heroin in a spoon. Camilla made some very foolish choices in her life. She has shamed her family and daughter. It is for the Florida courts and evidence to decide her fate. Some people can be rehabilitated in the prison system, but typically they seek out the same crowd as before. Camilla was no random Dane and Tonelli was not American. The only thing American in this story
    is the location of drug dealing, money laundering, direct sales and the presiding justice system. All of the characters involved in this drug ring were foreigners.

  40. Henrik Adamsen: It is smart to use a mobile device, which place any tracking to Aarhus. I would have done the same, but you are right. It doesn’t matter.

    As for Camilla Broe she is punished whether she is guilty or not. Had her trail taken place in Denmark she would have access to a public defender of high quality. In the United States the public defender would be as good as the one who defended George Stinney. She would have ended up behind bars for the full 63 years as it was reported by the Danish media when the case first appeared, while the head of the drug ring – Torelli – got 10 and served less in exchange of inventing charges against Camilla Broe.

    The case against the 23 CIA has nothing to do with her case, but it raise an important question. Should a country pay for the defense abroad just as they would do if they held the trial at home? This question must be answered with a YES based on the actions on the CIA case. There were no reason for the U.S. government to pay as they were not involved, but they did it anyway.

    Danes don’t use plea bargains and they go down hard because they don’t keep their morale high. Just look at the case against the former member of the Danish parliament Uwe Jensen, who helped the U.S. government establishing democracy in a South America country but was railroaded when the political interests of the U.S. government took another path.

    We could have taken the trial ourselves and regardless of the cost of transporting witnesses to Denmark. In fact most of the people in the case has served their time – Tornelli included because they pleaded themselves out by testifying against Broe. They are living in Europe today. It would have sent a strong signal to the Danish citizens just as we do when we convict people of taking photos of unclothed children regardless of the fact that it is not a crime where the photo was taken. It is a crime in Denmark.

    Maybe her help as consultant did make her a crime. If is was the statutes of limitation here should not be a question. We do in general believe the decisions our courts hand out opposite the decisions at foreign courts. The justice would have been better served if she had been judged here.

  41. To K. Joensen: You have absolutely no knowledge of the ability, nor the skill of the public defenders in Miami, Florida. Therefore you have no basis for concluding that she would get the full 63 years in prison, if convicted of the charges. Also I would assume that the American authorities would inform at least the Danish Embassy in Washington or a Danish Consulate in Florda of the case, and therefore I feel confident that she would get to serve her sentence in Denmark, again if convicted.

    I have no idea who George Stinney is, what he was charged with, what his actions were, or who was the public defender in his case, and therefore will refrain from commenting on his case, as (1) I find it irrelevant and (2) there is no basis for concluding that public defenders do not do their job.

    Whether or not a government must pay for their citizens crimes abroad? Absolutely not. If you choose to participate in criminal activity abroad, you do so at your own peril. If you cant do the time, then dont do the crime – it is as simple as that. Camilla may not have known what was going on, but I feel kind of certain, referring to “You don’t know Camilla”‘s latest post, that she had to know it was not Gods superkids she was involved with… another saying therefore goes like this: Hey, if you sleep with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas!

    As to Uwe Jensen, I am not familiar with the facts of his case either – as such I refrain from commenting thereon, however, I will say this – why did he get involved in the first place? It is not the Danish Governments duty to save the ass of Danes who want to get into serious criminal activity abroad… simple as that.

    As to pleabargaining – you are right – we do not officially accept that in Denmark, but again, it is the duty of the criminal to refrain from criminal activity or participation in it, if they are not prepared to face the music when it starts.

    As to the Broe-Tornelli case it will be for her attorney to investigate what happened in the original case, and to present that evidence to the court and the jury. In the U.S. defense attorneys can investigate a case independently, so there is probably an even better chance of finding out what happened under that system than in Denmark, where defense attorneys may not do their own investigations but must have the police do all of the investigations – so much for a superior justice system in Denmark compared to the United States.

    I don’t quite understand your opinion about the Danish Statute of Limitations so let me just state as clearly as humanly possible: The Danish Statute of Limitation has NOT expired on her case – it is 15 years for a narcotics offense as serious as the one she is charged with, so what is your point in this context?

    You have absolutely no objective basis for not believing the American courts and their ability to serve justice on Camilla Broe in this case.

    And look at it this way: If she is as innocent as most people like you and Rotsne says she is, then she will become a multimillionaire afterwards.

  42. I don’t trust the US justice system just as the US doesn’t trust the European justice system. Just look how a massive majority is distrusting the ruling in the Amanda Knox case with prominent people like Donald Trump and Senator Cantwell criticizing the Italian justice system. Also the US managed to save the brave service men involved in the Massacre of Cermis from a similar fate in the Italian justice system (An US Plane cut a cable car down in Italy). I guess that you will find full support for the actions in both cases.

    If Camilla Broe had been tried in Denmark and she in fact would be found guilty by a Danish court, I would have believed that it was a fair judgment. I believe that they in the US are prejudiced against Danes which so clearly was proven in the case against the official icon of VisitDenmark May Andersen. Andersen was only trying to defend herself from sexual harassment when the flight attendant had his nose down between her breasts. It was an unfair ruling which should have scared everyone away from ever visiting this place as tourists. It is why this case is mentioned on the webpage which registers cases against Danes where xenophobia is involved.

  43. I believe that she must be guilty in something. As immigrant in Denmark you are assumed guilty of whatever crime committed in town.

    It must be similar in the US.

    Henrik: You stated it. As an Immigrant you start at the bottom of the society. The people you meet will often be involved in crime.

    If knowing a person and knowing what they do without direct involving yourself in their actions is a crime in the U.S. then she must be guilty.

  44. To K. Joensen: Maybe you should be more honest and write that you don’t know anything about the American System of Justice. That is too bad for you, but to me it also casts a shadow on the reliability of your arguments.

    The American Justice System, however, is in some – for Camilla Broe’s sake – very important aspects. One is the fact that she is certain to be tried before a jury of her peers, that is ordinary people, who will be solely responsible for determing whether or not she is guilty, if there is a trial. So the case will – from a factual standpoint – be tried by people with the same perspective as her. That is justice.

    I can certainly understand why there was distrust the other way in the Amanda Knox case, from people who know nothing about the Italian system of justice, just as I can understand why you – and others who know nothing about the American justicessystem dont trust the American System. But in both cases the trustworthiness of the objection is – in my opinion – very limited.

    As to your utterly ridiculous remarks about the Lykke Maj Andersen-case I can only laugh, laugh some more, then chuckle, and then shake my head… for goodness sake – she threatened the safety of an international flight… that is not only criminal shortly after 9/11 – that is STUPID. And do you know from anywhere but Lykke May that she was sexually harrassed or is it just that all defendants in criminal cases in the United States are not guilty?

    She violated the law, and was punished accordingly. If you walk up to a security counter in the airport and tell them you watch out for your weapon, chances are that you are going to get into trouble, no matter whether you are in the United States or anywhere else. AGAIN: IT IS STUPID TO JEOPARDIZE FLIGHT SECURITY AFTER 9/11.

    As to the registry you mentioned: It is probably kept by crazy people, who hate the United States from the bottom of their hearts, but I hope for their sake, that they have permission to keep such a registry from the Data watch dog in the Danish Government. May be that ought to be investigated.

    At any rate: I know how to behave, also in America – therefore I have absolutely no plans to stop visiting the United States, for you should know this: If you behave in an orderly and correct way, you will not have any problem.

    But may be that is the very core of your problem? What a shame – for you.

    To Fatima: As to Camilla Broes guilt or non-guilt I have no definitive opinion, and I have no prejudice against foreigners in Denmark, but I do believe, that she has been charged for participating in Drugsmuggling, and has been correctly extradited to the United States under Danish and International Law. Why? Because there is clear legal authority to do so.

    Now lets she if she is guilty. If she is she will go to prison, and if not then she will become richer than she could dream about, getting probably a hugh compensation for wrongful imprisonment. But lets just wait judging her until the case is over, shall we?

  45. I wrote on my blog that the best solution for her properly would be to give a No contest or an Alford plea so she could return to Denmark.

    It is a loop hole in the extradition agreement, because such pleas are not recognized in Danish law. It would simply not count as a guilty verdict or it would have to be tested by Danish courts before she can be re-sentenced as the extradition agreement state she should be once she return to Denmark.

    That fact that she could have taken the easy way out but choosed to fight and be ruined for the rest of her life state that she believes that she is not guilty. Most Danes I have spoken with states that it shows that there is more than reasonable doubt regarding the charges against her.

    I also believe that the trial is close to an end. I have read enough about the U.S. Justice system to know that it is about the money. She will have to give up when she has lost everything she owns back home in Denmark and then she will have to enter one of the pleas mentioned above so she can return home to welfare the rest of her life. I am against the concept of having people on welfare but in her case I must say that it is well earned.

    I am looking forward to buy the book Norton writes about the case. Maybe then we can learn the truth in this case, because one thing is sure. We are not going to get it during this trial.

  46. I think you should read more about a socalled no-contest (nolo contendere) plea before stating, what you did…

    According to Wikipeida, this is the basic definition of a no-contest or a nolo-contendere plea: Nolo contendere is a legal term that comes from the Latin for “I do not wish to contend.” It is also referred to as a plea of no contest.

    In criminal trials, it is a plea where the defendant neither admits nor disputes a charge, serving as an alternative to a pleading of guilty or not guilty.

    A no contest plea, while not technically a guilty plea, has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea, and is often offered as a part of a plea bargain. In many jurisdictions a plea of nolo contendere is not a right, and carries various restrictions on its use.

    However, it does not mean that the defendant (in this case Camilla Broe), admits her guilt in order to get a lesser penalty.

    Another thing of interest: Rotsne and other’s who are terrified about the extradition of Camilla Broe to the United States, have long claimed, that the Americans played a trick on the Danish authorities by adding charges to the indictment that they had promised the Danish Government they would not include. It turns out now, that it is yet another lie on behalf of Camilla Broe’s backers that the United States tricked Denmark, because it is clearly stated in a subdocument to the indictment, that the United States will only try to get Camilla convicted of the charges 4-14 in the indictment, and as such not the charges that they promised they would not indict Camilla on.

    And yet another thing: In its decision to extradite Camilla, it is clearly stated by the Danish High Court (Oestre Landsret) clearly stated, that the authority for ektraditing Camilla Broe was not the extradition agreement between Denmark and the United States, but the Danish Extradition Act (Udleveringslov).

    Under this act, there is clear authority to extradite her to the United States, and so once again it is clear, that no harm to Camilla Broe’s rights of justice has been committed in this case.

  47. K Joensen: You state that charges were invented against Camilla.
    Camilla has already admitted her involvment with the drug ring.
    It appears from a fax sent 17th december 2001 from the Dane’s former attorney, Michael J. Rosen, the federal prosecutor, David S. Weinstein. Broe answer ten questions submitted by the Prosecutor.
    She has also named the couriers “mules” Annemarie Underwood, Carolina Katherine Hernandez, Trish and Melissa Schwartz. involved. One of those couriers Melissa Schwartz,has since hung herself in a french prison. In the fax from the 2001 Broe claims that couriers were the primary contacts Antonella Grilli and Michelle Tonelli and Ivano Cornelli. The latter two are previously convicted in the same case as complex as Broe.

    You seem to believe that Camilla has no legal representation in Florida. Here are the credentials of her attorney Theresa Van Vliet

  48. To Rotsne and other people, who refuse to recognize that Camilla Broes ekstradition has firm authority in Danish law and courtdecision, I would suggest, that you read the Danish Eastern High Court’s decision of July 2, 2009. You will know so much more, when you do.

    But here is the text in extenso, to save you the trouble: “In a letter dated November 26, 2008, the United States Department of Justice has sent a supplemental declaration to the Danish Justice Department regarding the Statute of Limitations according to American law regarding the charges, which T (Camilla Broe) has been charged with. In the Danish translation of the statement the following can be read: “The American Statute of Limitation of five years is suspended while a person has fled from justice.”

    In section 3290 of the US Code, it is decided, that “there is no statute of limitations for a person, which evades justice.”

    This provision is intended to prevent that a person avoids punishment by hiding, until the brief Statute of Limitation in American Law expires. According to the current legal principles, a person who “brings him- og herselv outside the jurisdiction with the purpose of avoiding being brought before a court for a specific violation of the law, whether or not the prosecution has actually been taken, or not.”

    In this case, T (Camilla Broe) has fled the United States in order to avoid prosecution. The circumstances that proves this, er the following: On January 24, 2001, Specialagent N.N. of the Drug Enforcement Administration (an agency under the Department of Justice in the United States) informed T that she was the subject of investigation in a narcotics case. She hired an attorney, and the Deputy U.S. Attorney sent her a letter by way of her attorney. On January 25 2001 a meeting was arranged between the Special Agent, the Prosecutor, T, and her attorney, and she (T) was informed that because of her participation was likely to be punished with a prisonsentence, and that the length of this prison-sentence in all likelihood would depend a lot upon how much she cooperated. Acorden to her own admission in the Danish extradition-case, T left the United States a few months later, and moved into a summer home of her grandparents, and reported this address to the Danish Civil Registration Office (folkeregister) on July 20, 2001.

    On November 5, 2001, the Deputy U.S. Attorney once again met with T’s attorney in order to negotiate the conditions, according to which T maybe would cooperate with the investigation of her co-conspirators. T was not present at this meeting, but the American authorities were not yet aware that she had already left the country. On November 13, December 3, and December 6, 2001, the Deputy U.S. Attorney had a written communication with her attorney. It was not until 2002 that the American authorities became aware that T was no longer residing in the United States. She has not returned since.
    Because of her meetings with American police and the extence correspondence with the prosecutor, T was well aware, that she was under investigation.
    The circumstance that she was made aware that she would be prosecuted and convicted a prison-sentence, and then left the United States permanently – even though she had lived there for approximately 16 years and officially had obtained status of permanent legal residency – is a clear indication that she intentionally fled from prosecution. According to American Law the Statute of Limitation was suspended from the moment and until the day where she was charged. Because of the the criminal case is not subject to the Statute of Limitation’s expiration, even if you would calculate the limitation of five years as decisive for the criminal law offences which fulfill the requirement of double illegality (dobbelt strafbarhed), which as we have stated is not the critical criterium for extradition according to article 7 in the Extradition agreement, as T fled prosecution in the summer of 2001 approximately four years after june of 1997, where the first of the criminal offenses was committed. She remained a fugitive until after the charges were filed, and during this time the Statute of Limitation was continously suspended.
    CONCLUSION: We hope, that this letter is a complete answer to you questions. As you can see above, we believe that the decision by the City Court in Lyngby (to release Camilla Broe from custody) is incorrect in its application of the statutes of limitation in both the Extradition agreement and American Law.

    Regarding the Danish request of information about plea agreements made with co-conspirators, which will be testifying in the case against T, the United States Department of Justice in a letter also dated November 26, 2008, to the Danish Justice Department has stated among other things.

    [It is to be noted that in a decision by the Danish Eastern High Court in 2008, the Danish Justice Department had been mandated to acquire information from the United States Department of Justice regarding any such plea agreements]

    Generally we are extremely concerned that requests about concrete evidence such as these plea-agreements will create serious problems for the International Extradition Process. If the Danish court tries to gain access to the plea agreements in order to investigate what motives the witnesses against T may have had, it will be an investigation into one piece of evidence isolated without putting any emphasis on other evidence which has been gathered during the investigation, and which could be used to consider the credibility of the witnesses. The only way to secure a precise invstigation would be an investigation of the entire requesting nation’s investigation. This would, however, chance the extradition case in a way to primarily be a trial regarding the entire case. In our opinion that is not what was intended during the negotiations of an extradition agreement between Denmark and the United States, and neither is it a practical way which will work, as the International extradition process is not equipped to entertain such a voluminous translation-effort and such a comprehensive analysis of a foreign country’s criminal investigation and prosecution. We strongly believe that circumstances like these are best investigated within a trial in the requesting state, subsequent to extradition.

    We remain concerned that she (T) ultimately would be able to obtain the information from her attorney, who could reveal the identity of the persons who have entered into the plea agreements, and with this information could seek to prevent their continued cooperation with the American investigation and trial. This is the risk that we remain apprehensive about running. The thing is that the plea-agreements as we wrote in our letter of July 17, 2008, is not available for the defense at this stage of a Federal Criminal Case in the United States. At the same time the agreemetns with the prosecutors, which has been made with witnesses, who are testifying during the trial against T, will be given to her at the time of her return to the United States in connection with the preparation of the case against her. The time for information regarding the agreements will be at the same time as the prosecutors’s efforts to protect the safety of the witnesses. The defense attorney will have full access to the agreements duriong the work with the charges, including the ability to cross-examine the witnesses especially regarding whether or not they compromise the credibility of those witnesses.”

    The legal basis for the case: Danish Extradition Act of August 25, 2005, with later changes) contains – among others – the following provisions:
    Section 2: The Minister of Justice can – on the basis of an agreement with a non-EU-member nation determine that Danish Citizens can be extradited to criminal prosecution in that nation,
    1. if the person in question within the last two years before the criminal act has had residence in the state, to where extradition is requested, and an act which corresponds to a criminal act, for which extradition is sought, and which can according to Danish law can be punished by prison for at least one year, or
    2. if the act according to Danish Law can lead to a punishment of prison for more than 4 years.
    Subsection 2: If there is no agreement with the nation outside of the EU, regarding extradition, the Minister of Justice may decide to extradite a Danish citizen for prosecution, if the conditions in Subsection 1 are med aside from that, and if special considerations of justice are in favor hereof.

    SECTION 3: Extradition for prosecution can only take place, if a decision has been made in the requestion nation, that the person who is requested to be extradited, must be arrested or taken into custody for the act in question,.
    SUBSECTION 4 of SECTION 3: If special circumstances make i tprobable that the charges or a judgment regarding an act, that extradition is sought in connection with, lacks sufficient evidential foundation, extradition must not be done.

    SECTION 7: If in special cases, especially because of the age of the accused, health of the accused or other personal circumstances, it is determined that an extradition will be in contradiction with humanitarian considerations, extradition must not be done.

    SECTION 9: Extradition may not take place if the criminal responsibility or the ability to enforce the penalty for the act would be expired under Danish Statutes of Limitations.

    The Eastern High Court noted and concluded as follows:
    In the middle of the 1980s T moved with her family to the United States, and later obtained permanent legal residenc in that country, In January 2001, T was informed by the American Authorities that she was the subject of an investigation in a narcotics case, and in July of 2001 she moved back to Denmark, where she registered herself with the Danish Central Personal Registry, and has lived since, with her now 10-year old daughter.

    In March of 2003 the American Authorities charged T with extensive narcotics offenses, and simultaneously issued a warrant for her arrest.

    After a request in August of 2007 from the American Authorities, The Danish Ministry of Justice has decided in August of 2008 based on the Extradition Act, that T can be extradited for criminal prosecution in the United States, in connection with 13 specific charges, which are listed in document A, accompanying the letter from the Ministry of Justice. All of these acts have been committed in the period from the middle of 1997 until the middle of 1998 and concerns for 9 acts of smuggling of a total of 106.000 extasy pills from Holland to the United States, and 2 charges concerns the sale of a total of 4.000 extasy-pills in the United States.

    As a condition for extradition, the Danish Justice Ministry – aside from the conditions in Section 10 of the Extradition Act has decided to require that T must be transferred to Denmark as quickly as possible and no later than 6 months after the final judgment, in order to serve a possible prison sentence or other freedomremoving act, and that the serving of a sentence in Denmark must be according to the principle of conversion of the penalty, under article 11 of the European Convention on transfer of Convicted Persons of 1983.
    The question of whether extradition can take place under Danish law of T for prosecution in the United States, must be decided according to the Extradition Act and not the Bilateral Agreement of June 22, 1972 of extradition between Denmark and the United States.
    T has been charged with extremely severe narcotics-crimes, and it must be considered extremely difficult to perform the trial against T in Denmark. Based on this the High Court finds that special considations of serving justice speak in favor of extradition of T for prosecution in the United States, according to the Extradition Act Section 2, Subsection 2, referring to Subsection 1, item 1.
    There is no special circumstances that indicate that there is not sufficient evidentiary support for the charges in the 13 charged offense, and the circumstance that the American Authorities have not – per request – havided the prea agreements regarding witnesses in the case, cannot lead to a different result.

    The 13 chrages are found to have such a similarity, continuity, and interconnection, that they can be considered to be a continued offense, for which the Statute of Limitations under the Danish Penal Code Section 94, subsection 1. As all 13 charges after a collective estimation also must be deemed to be violations of Section 191, subsection 1 (drugoffenses) of the Danish Penal Code, which carries a possible prisonsentence of 16 years, the Statute of Limitations under Danish Law are 15 years, according to Section 93, subsection 1, item no. 4 of the Danish Penal code, and therefore the charges are not eliminated under the Danish statutes of limitation. According to a declaration from the United States Department of Justice, the charges are not eliminated by the United States statutes of limitations, either.
    T’s personal conditions and the circumstance that the charged offences have been committed more than 11 years ago, are not deemed to be in such a misstanding to the seriousness of the offenses, and the American authorities reasonable interest in extradition of T, that it is considered to be in violation of Article 8 of the European Human Rights convention, as to prevent extradition.

    Therefore the High Court findes that the decision of the Danish Ministry of Justice to extradite T for prosecution in the United States is legal, and the circumstance that the Ministry of Justice did not await the answer from the United States answer regarding the plea agreements, does not change this finding.

    The High Court therefore changes the decision of the City Court, so that the Justice Ministry’s decision of extradition for prosecution in the United States of T, is determined to be legal.

    SO MY QUESTION TO ROTSNE and others is this: WHERE IS IT that Camilla’s right of justice HAS NOT BEEN SERVED by the Danish Authorities. To me the above is clear and convincing proof, that the Danish Authorities have made every necessary and reasonable consideration of the case and the circumstances therein, that needs to be made, and that there are reasonable excuses for not publishing the plea agreements as a condition for accepting an extradition of Camilla Broe.

    I therefore – for now – rest my case.

  49. I don’t understand half of it, but the case properly did save my future. I have these parents who wants too much. First they wanted me to attend a kind of semi-prison called “efterskole”. Foreigners can read more about the cruelty of such places on Wikipedia.

    I ran away from home. It is not a criminal offense in Denmark and it only took a couple of days for my parents to surrender. I continued in my old school so I didn’t loose my social network.

    Their next idea surprised me. They were willing to sent me to the United States for one year. They didn’t care that the of the level of education in the United States is so low that the year would not count back in Denmark. It sounded good but there was a catch. The schools have no social life. It took me only a couple of minutes of surfing to discover that the high school unlike the Danish one didn’t have a Friday bar. We had a lot of fights as they didn’t understand why I could turn down that offer. Then the Camilla Broe case came and they were scared off because She is in Jail and she didn’t even carry the drugs herself.

    My experience even helped one of my classmates when his parents got the same crazy idea. He also was saved and is now attending class in Denmark. While I am sorry for her fate, I am somehow happy for the case itself as it saved me and my friend for a wasted year in isolation.

    I deeply want you to understand that I don’t intend to commit a crime, but I have this stand that if I learned that some of my friends or classmates committed a crime, I wouldn’t tell the police if they ask me. It must be a matter between them and the central government over in Copenhagen who run the police. Only if they take me to court I will testify because I would risk penalty otherwise. It is not a crime in Denmark to remain silent about what you know and ignore it. It seems to the case in the United States and that’s why I am happy that I avoided it.

  50. To Jonas: I feel sorry for you. If I have ever heard of anybody who needed a year in the United States to correct all of his prejudices about that country, you fit the bill. Jesus Chr…

    So you may have – in my opinion – have done the dumbest thing for your career, by not going to the United States – but you will be the one who will be lacking so much more than an education for it.

    As to the level of education in the United States – isn’t it funny that a lot of the brightest and most renowned people in the world come from the United States? But it would not surprise me, if you found some silly theory of conspiration to explain that fact, too.

    As I said, there is only one loser in the equation of you not going to the United States to testify… that is you.

    As to the Camilla Broe case… I will also agree with you, that you don’t understand the half of it… in fact I will even go further than that… it seems you understand absolutely nothing of the case, or the law or of the meaning of the word justice – may be it would have been different, had you gone to the U.S. for extra education – who knows.

  51. Henrik: I am not an expert, but the Department of Education in Denmark and their thousand of experts have judged the education system in the United States as inadequate compared to our standards when we are talking High Schools. The lack of Friday bars simply makes the difference. You are Danish and you can read this article from Aarhus where the importance of Friday bars is clearly explained is the last sentence: Kollektiv straf for vandkamp på Gymnasium

    And for Camilla Broe: It scared my parents more than me! Still it makes me sorry for her that she properly no longer can afford a defense in her case.

  52. You are right – you are not an expert.

    But to give you the correct impression, you cannot get a transfer of a regular school year (elementary, junior high or high school) from the United States to Denmark and let it cover a year in the Danish Gymnasium (studenteksamen)… If you go to a local college in the United States for 2 or 3 years, however, you will not have to take the Danish studentereksamen.

    So may be you should investigate and ask specifik questions next time you contact the Danish education department, instead of just concluding (wrongfully) that the American Education System is idiotic… seems you are even more so.

  53. My parents would only pay for a year and in most cases the 1 year exchange student trip is the one they offer at Danish agencies. I have not seen stays lasting 2 or 3 years. Second if my parents could have afforded it I would be unemployed once returning home as the employers believe that exams are a scam thanks to people like Stein Bagger and this museum manager who made the Arken in Ishoej famous. In Computerworld an employer wrote that people with foreign papers would not be called in for an interview. It is a policy like they have like most firms.

  54. Jonas: What is a Friday bar? Highly educated here and I have never heard of it. Your parents wanted you to leave Denmark and move to the United States. That sounds like they were hiding you from the law or they felt the United States was a better solution for you and whatever the problem you have in Denmark. Your diction indicates Slacker, stoner or both. I feel sorry your home life was so miserable you chose to run away.

    Henrik: Wonder post. You tend to silence the blog. Great job articulating the facts. You are a star.

  55. To “You Don’t Know Camilla”: Let me explain the concept of a Friday Bar as I work documenting abuse on schools worldwide. (Fornits Wiki has 28 countries on it) and We at Spft works with Isaccorp, Cafety and Ficanetwork in the States and other organizations in other countries.

    The strategy in the Danish education system is to create whole adults. Beside the strictly academically area, they work very intense with the social ability among students. The typical way for Danes is to drink a beer or a glass of wine together. The Friday bar allows the high school students to drink beer or wine on Friday at the Campus. The agelimit for buying alcohol in Denmark is 16. You can read more about the Danish alcohol culture on the webpage Alcohol Culture in Denmark, which is cited so much that it is the first hit on Google.

    Jonas raises the general concern about the US education system. One huge problem seem to be that there not one place where the school is accredited. There are about 5 centers and if you google Academy at Ivy Ridge which was a high school with a general good reputation boosting of 93% success when it came to turn students with problems around on the right path you can understand why there are some distrust against the education system over there.

    But on the other hand Denmark itself has a problem with accreditation. Knightbridge University, Denmark College of Management and IT and Arab Open Academy in Denmark. A law should criminalize the use of certain terms if you are not accredited, but it creates a new problem because our export to third world countries can be hurt.

    Most of the central administration in South Africa has studied at Knightsbridge. Several individuals in the U.S. also. They were allowed to remain in their jobs as the education is not bad. It is just not accredited. Tvind which runs a large number of continuation schools and had a special law made against them in Mexico also run a non-accredited education as teacher and they were closely befriended with Robert Mugabe. Now they have built an entire city paid for by the Danish taxpayers in Baja California.

    After having clarified this I just want to state that I am sorry that Camilla Broe was extradited. As you have learned the timing was bad giving the impression that Lene Espersen might have done it to remove Anders Fogh from Danish politics and increase her own chances to be a prime minister. The new prime minister is for Danes only. He doesn’t care for anything outside the Danish borders. He didn’t care for the U.N. bureaucrats, he left 80 ambassadors hanging when they wanted to meet him. Just as Obama no longer care for the European Union in such a degree that he wants to go there, I have sympathy for our Prime ministers decisions regardless of who he offends.

    Her possible motivations for forcing the DEA to use our court system instead of just having her abducted like they planed is just one myth in this case. None will believe that the justice was served just as like properly 98% percent of the U.S. Citizens believe that the conviction against Amanda Knox is unjust. It is just how it is.

  56. To AE Burns: Here is a link to the US Department of Education Database of Accredited Post Secondary Institutions and Programs.
    Here you will find all of the accredited Insitutions and Programs.
    You stated there is not one accredited school in the US. Well you
    are way off. And as to drinking at 16 in America – you go to jail. School is for education not encouraging drinking wine and beer. Where do you get this propaganda?

  57. “You Don’t Know Camilla”: I find you both ignorant and judgmental. First drink alcohol at age 16 is both a human right and an old tradition in Denmark. My parents served alcohol for me at my confirmation like thousand other Danes. It is a custom. Until I was 16 they bought the alcohol I took to parties or drank with friends at home. The very I turned 16 I got an ID-card at the city hall so I could prove that I was 16 in shops.

    I am not a troubled kid. The use of boarding schools are an tradition in parts of Denmark called “The rotten Banana”. About 10 kilometers out of the major cities we are talking countryside so abandoned that everybody wants to move unless they are unemployed or on welfare. They often send their children off because it is their last chance to make it. Also parents from foreign primitive cultures who are afraid that the Danish culture could pollute them use the boarding schools as a kind of shield and prison on the same time.

    However Ringsted is not located in “the Rotten Banana”. I can study in Roskilde on a University so advanced that Chinese students who once tried it ran away screaming because they were too used to having everybody telling them “do-that” and “do-this”. If I fail in life I can still study in Slagelse. However, in this case I will go down and work in the Outlet center instead. Slagelse is run from Odense University. The value of this name is on the level of Knightsbridge. None seems to know it or the possibility to study in Slagelse.

    Because Ringsted is basically the center of the world for me because all the cities and countries are located around it, I protested the banishment to a continuation school the only way I could. It would have hurt my chances of being a part of the positive peer group at the High School because alcohol is forbidden on continuation schools.

    I am not a troubled teen. I am a Danish teen. I like to send a message that I am not some kind of disguised suicide bomber so I do it by drinking alcohol. It sends a signal of peace to my fellow students.

    I am kind of offended.

  58. To You Don’t Know Camilla: You are properly not quite aware about the problems a lot of teenagers in the United States have with accreditation. The problem is huge with the the High Schools using the ACE-curriculum. A school in Vanloese run by an rather extreme Christian organisation it used in Denmark some years ago and they were closed down by the Danish department of Education rather quickly. I have tons of stories where especially girls have been forced into Christian prison-like boarding schools with corporal punishment to study hard only to discover that all their effort were wasted because the ACE-papers were not recognized back home.

    There are also a lot of problems in our teen-prison state Utah where thousand of American and other students from the Western World are sent of by private transportation firms in chains – not because they have broken the law, but without trial and legally defense just because they cause their parents problems – even as small as being particular on food-issues.

    The problem is that the regional centers compete. In the case of Academy of Ivy Ridge, NAAS had accredited them, but the state of New York had their own higher demands for a high school diploma. The school was issued a massive fine and closed down early 2009.

    So the link you provided is no guarantee that a school on the list is unaccredited.

    I was not saying that your schools are not accredited in general. I am saying that there was a lot of distrust thanks to people who have used such papers to take positions in our society they wouldn’t have got if they had studied in Denmark.

  59. Radicalization in Denmark is particularly wide-spread. Is this what I am witnessing on this blog? Left-wing hegemony – a group of social drop outs collectively blogging from a satellite Ungdomshuset?

  60. I am personally never been there. Now where it is gone and replaced with a tax-sponsored house I have to say that I have missed the chance.

    I had the possibility to look at the earlier comments. I can give you an example of what I work with. Not far from your place is the small town of Conroe. One of the biggest companies in the US owned a bording school for kids who need some direction in life.

    On of their employees was a policeman. His job was to scare the youth straight, so he gave them tours in jail. The special about these tours were that the student was forced naked and then the inmates lubricated the behinds on the teenager. Nothing else happened but of course the teenager was cured for any bad behavior and the huge firm earned a lot of money.

    It was OK with the old sheriff and these tours did went on for almost 10 year. Then there were an election and a new sheriff came into office. The policeman was fired and jailed. The boarding school closed down.

    Now if you look at the persons he arrested, you can find a young kid of death row. His parents took him down to a boarding school in Mexico. Because he survived the place where they have a punishment camp where kids were placed hogtied in dog cages, the school and the parents agreed to drop him off with no money in a shelter just over the border on his 18 birthday. He did some crime to survive but did he do the murder he was charged with?

    Some papers indicate that he was police custody when the murders happened. Other local rumors our investigators have heard tell a story about the daughter of the old sheriff being more involved that the trial gave an impression off.

    Try to google: Michael Perry and Excel Academy.

    Both cases must have been in our local newspaper.

  61. Jonas: So a Runaway Drinking 16 Year Old is calling a Summa Cum Laude MBA grad ignorant? I may change my name from *sen to *son.
    I feel very sorry your home life was not condusive to the warmth
    and love a child needs. You should have been nurtured by your family rather than getting drunk with your parents.

  62. They are right about the Fridays bars, but Jonas – really I cannot drink alcohol due to my belief. That’s why I cannot study on a accredited university in Denmark either, because I would be an outcast and create suspicion on the intro-trips. Somehow I doesn’t think that is fair.

    On the other hand I cannot study abroad. My parents will only let me study in certain countries. I am afraid that they have a husband ready for me, I have to marry if I leave Denmark. Denmark has no rescue team like the UK. Instead they allow women and teenage girls to disappear without trace. A Danish born teenage girl is just now jailed in Kuwait just because she took a boyfriend without parental approval.

    So I study over the Internet and look after the greengrocer shop my parents own.

  63. You Don’t Know Camilla: There were not one student in my High School class of pure Danish origin who were not introduced to alcohol in relationship with their confirmation – not one! The only one who didn’t drink were us who had our belief holding us back. Of course there were this invisible wall between us. We were never truly a part of the class. It is hard in Denmark because we stay together as class instead of moving around based on subjects as you do in the States.

    I have to partly blame your country because you lured us into the war on terrorism. Once a part of it Denmark made a pre-emptive attack on what they called the logistical network of the terror cells located in Western Europe. It was called the Cartoon war and it was some offending drawings. More than 200 people killed each other worldwide in riots. Most Danes I have spoken with regard it as an huge succes.

    Now they are preparing round 2 – the Langballe Essay.

    I am not celebrating 9/11 unlike some of the people with non-ethnic Danish origin do, but I am sorry of the Day Denmark joined in because they do it 110 percent. Why did you ask for our help? What can Denmark contribute with.

    Camilla Broe’s extradition took place because laws in Denmark were changed after 9/11. I know how easy it is to know criminals as immigrant. In fact I know things about my customers I really shouldn’t and I dislike their actions, but still they are my customers in a legal business. If I were living in the U.S. I could name as many criminals as Camilla Broe did, but without ever having earned a cent from their crimes.

    Would it make me a criminal in a U.S. court?

  64. To Jonas: So ONE company has trouble with some foreign jobapplicants, and all of a sudden all educations in the United States are corrupt, false etc.? You need medical help, and after that you need some serious aid in finding out the truth. Also: WHAT THE HELL does your subject have to do with justice and Camilla Broe, or is it just some of the usual America-bashing from people like you, who know NOTHING about the country?

  65. To A E Burns: Tell me you are joking, right? What the hell does senseless drinking in friday bars have to do with creating whole adults?

    And please answer me this: What the hell does the American Educational System have to do with whether or not Camilla Broe was given justice, which she was to the fullest extent of law and principle? Call me dumb, but I fail to see the connection.

  66. To A E Burns: Have you read anything from the Danish High Court Decision that I spent hours translating for you, or do you just insist on being dumb?

    There is no right under International Law for the Danish Court system to demand that the United States or the DEA moves the case, where the witnesses are spread all over the world to a Danish court room. Camilla Broe allegedly did what she did in the United States… therefore she goes to the United States for trial, unless there is a legal reason, such as the expiration of the Statute of Limitations, that says otherwise. It is clear beyond any reasonable doubt for all sane people, that there is no such reason for Ms. Broe not to go to the U.S.

    Justice was served by sending Camilla Broe to the U.S. to face the music… not unserved.

    She is charged with offenses, which if prosecuted in Denmark would give her between 10 and 16 years of prison time, thus making the Danish Statute of Limitations period 15 years. That is all Denmark has to assure…

    And when you flee from justice like Camilla Broe… there is no statute of limitation in the United States, as outlined in the Danish High Court Decision.

    So Camilla Broe made her own bed (by fleeing)… now she must sleep in (by facing the Court for her actions).

    As to Amanda Knox, the discussion of her case is really ridiculous… there has been no request from the US, as far as I know to have her extradited and tried in the United States. And as to the purported 98% of Americans who don’t trust the merits of her conviction, that is probably for the same reason that so many people wrongly don’t trust the merits of the Camilla Broe-case… it does not in any way, however, mean that either the case or the conviction is wrong or unjust. May be even on the contrary.

    Above all: Criminals should be tried in the country and under the law, where they committed their purported crime and broke the law.

    If they can’t accept that, they should have not committed the crime – simple as that. For if you can’t do the time, then don’t commit the crime.

  67. To Fatima: Why do you think the laws where changed after 9/11 – the answer is so simple – because the civilized world, including Denmark, needed to be able to prosecute international criminals across borders, because some criminal acts are committed across borders.

    The fact remains however, that there is clear authority in the Danish Extradition Act to extradite Camilla Broe. And therefore she was extradited.

  68. To Jonas: You write that it is a human right to drink (your brain away) at age 16… I have just look through the UN declaration on Human Rights and the European declaration of Human Rights… I cannot find a provision making it a human right to drink your brain away, and would greatly appreciate if you could point out which article in either of the declarations it is that declares such a thing a human right.

    I am looking so much forward to your anscchwer…


    And by the way to Rotsne: What charges is it exactly that Camilla Broe has been acquitted of. As fra at I remember, the District Court is still considering whether to follow the Magistrate Judge’s RECOMMENDATION (NOT DECISION) of letting the charges fall due to an absurd interpretation of the Statute of Limitations.

  69. Fatima: What is the relationship between drinking in Denmark and extraditing Camilla Broe on a fully legal basis to the United States. Forgive me if I fail to se the connection.

    Denmark was not lured into the war on terrorism – like most other civilized countries, Denmark – whose Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen at the time of 9/11 promised the United States full solidarity and that we would be there for the United States all the way – chose to fight the war on terrorism to show the uncivilized moslem world, that it is not alright to attack and kill 3000 innocent civilians for political and religious reasons.

    Second of all I dont remember Denmark attacking any terrorcells in Europe – care to enlighten me on that point?

    As to the cartoons – may be if moslems had the same opinion of freedom of speech as the rest of the Europeans that they want to roam around amongst, there wouldn’t have been any trouble.

    You see the whole problem was that no one wanted to illustrate Mohammed, because they were afraid of persecution, violence and being attacked – by moslems? How many times have you seen Christians go crazy because of a drawing of Jesus?

    And do you condone violence to fight freedom of speech? If so, what are you doing in Europe – I can find you several countries, where your ideas and values are a better fit. Let me just reiterate that your are more than welcome to stay here, if you respect our right to live under Danish and Western European values – not middle eastern values from ancient times.

    Denmark has contributed a lot more than you think and know, and is – compared to its population – one of the biggest contributors in Afghanistan and one of the countries to suffer the most killed soldiers.

    Camilla Broe was extradited because she likely committed a very serious narcotics crime, which – if charged in Denmark – could have given her a 16-year prison-sentence. But the crime was committed in the United States, and therefore there is no reason to try her case in Denmark. Yes, the extradition law was changed (tightened) after 9/11 to go after terrorists, but the crime was committed long before, when traficking illegal narcotics was also a crime, both in the United States and in Denmark. Therefore it is a joke, to say that Camilla is been prosecuted for something that was not illegal when the extradition law was in force.

    No you (and Camilla Broe) is not a criminal for knowing other criminals… she is a criminal for taking active part – according to witnesses – in a serious narcottics crime. Now Camilla must face up to the consequences of her lifestyle and her actions.

  70. Fatima, Jonas and AE Burns. Please take the time to read the enclosed link Criminal Procedure of Extradition. Your comments would actually have some merit if you have done your homework instead of slurping booze. All appropriate procedures were followed by
    Denmark and the United States in the case against Camilla Broe.

    I challenge you to give comment on the following.

    A Muslim group in Denmark announced that a $30,000 bounty would be paid for the murder of several prominent Danish Jews, a threat that garnered wide international notice. Less well known is that this is just one problem associated with Denmark’s approximately 200,000 Muslim immigrants. The key issue is that many of them show little desire to fit into their adopted country.

    For years, Danes lauded multiculturalism and insisted they had no problem with the Muslim customs – until one day they found that they did. Some major issues:

    * Living on the dole: Third-world immigrants – most of them Muslims from countries such as Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq – constitute 5 percent of the population but consume upwards of 40 percent of the welfare spending.

    * Engaging in crime: Muslims are only 4 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes.

    * Self-imposed isolation: Over time, as Muslim immigrants increase in numbers, they wish less to mix with the indigenous population. A recent survey finds that only 5 percent of young Muslim immigrants would readily marry a Dane.

    * Importing unacceptable customs: Forced marriages – promising a newborn daughter in Denmark to a male cousin in the home country, then compelling her to marry him, sometimes on pain of death – are one problem.

    Another is threats to kill Muslims who convert out of Islam. One Kurdish convert to Christianity, who went public to explain why she had changed religion, felt the need to hide her face and conceal her identity, fearing for her life.

    * Fomenting anti-Semitism: Muslim violence threatens Denmark’s approximately 6,000 Jews, who increasingly depend on police protection. Jewish parents were told by one school principal that she could not guarantee their children’s safety and were advised to attend another institution. Anti-Israel marches have turned into anti-Jewish riots. One organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, openly calls on Muslims to “kill all Jews . . . wherever you find them.”

    * Seeking Islamic law: Muslim leaders openly declare their goal of introducing Islamic law once Denmark’s Muslim population grows large enough – a not-that-remote prospect. If present trends persist, one sociologist estimates, every third inhabitant of Denmark in 40 years will be Muslim.

  71. Henrik: As per usual your posts are brilliant, factual and entertaining. Smiling from across the pond. ;0)

  72. Police nab eight terror suspects in Denmark

    (AFP) – Sep 4, 2007

    COPENHAGEN (AFP) — Danish police said Tuesday they had averted a terrorist attack with the arrest overnight of eight men allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda and in possession of explosives.

    The director general of the Danish intelligence service PET, Jakob Scharf, said the arrests near Copenhagen had “prevented a terrorist attack.”

    “We would describe the main suspects as militant Islamists with international contacts, including leading members of Al-Qaeda,” Scharf told a press conference.

    Scharf would not disclose any information about the possible target of the planned attack, but said there was “no direct link” to Denmark’s military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    There was no connection either to the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that were printed in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 and sparked angry Muslim protests around the world, he said.

    PET said the eight were “suspected of preparing a terrorist act with the use of explosives.”

    Police raided 11 homes in the early hours of Tuesday, after an investigation which had been underway for several months and during which PET cooperated with foreign intelligence agencies.

    “We made our move now because we had gathered enough evidence to make an arrest, and because several of the suspects had created an unstable explosive in a densely populated housing area,” Scharf said.

    “During the raids overnight and this morning we found a series of objects and materials that are important in this case,” he added.

    The eight suspects, aged 19 to 28, were of foreign backgrounds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Turkey, and six of them held Danish citizenship, Scharf said.

    The men had all lived in Denmark for an extended period of time, Scharf said, adding that their process of Islamic radicalisation had taken place in part in Denmark.

    Two of the men, described as the main suspects and leaders of the group, were to appear before a judge on Tuesday and could be placed in temporary detention.

    “This is a serious case. A case which we have been investigating very intensively… A case which has required much of PET’s resources, a case which has had high priority for us,” he added.

    This is the third time in two years Danish police have conducted operations resulting in arrests on suspicion of terrorism.

    In September 2006, PET arrested nine people after finding chemicals in a raid for explosives production.

    Four young Muslims were indicted in the affair, accused of planning bomb attacks in Denmark or abroad. Their trial is to begin on Wednesday.

    In October 2005, PET arrested a group of people accused of having helped two accomplices, a Swede of Serbian-Montenegrin origin and a Turkish-born Dane, travel to Sarajevo to acquire explosives and weapons aimed at carrying out a terror attack in Europe.

    Of the four men who went on trial, one received a seven-year sentence and the three others were acquitted. However, in July Denmark’s crown prosecutor ordered one of the acquitted men to stand trial again.

    Scharf recalled that the West faced a general terrorist threat.

    Al Qaeda, “after having been put on the defensive, is in the process of regaining ground again and will be able to carry out a terrorist attack against a Western country,” he said.

    Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen described as “very worrying” the fact that there were individuals or groups in Denmark who had “the will … and the capacity” to carry out terrorist attacks.

  73. The growth of radicalism

    It would be wrong to characterise violent radicalism in Denmark as solely a product of, or response to, the cartoon crisis, although this undoubtedly played a major role. Radicalisation has been developing in Denmark over a number of years; since 9/11, four terrorism plots have been thwarted in Denmark, one of which preceded the cartoon crisis. As the histories below show, these cases are characterised by their international nature, complexity and interconnectedness.

    In September 2005, Abdul Cesur, a Turkish national resident in Denmark, and Mirsad Bektasevic, a Swedish National of Bosnian origin, were arrested in Sarajevo. They were accused of taking a journey to conduct a terrorist attack in Bosnia or another undisclosed terrorist target. Their alleged intention was to force the withdrawal of European troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bosnian authorities found in their apartment 19,842 kilos of explosives, detonators, a silenced 7.65mm Browning automatic pistol, a timer, communications equipment and a Sony videotape outlining their jihadi plans and objectives. Bektasvic has also been connected to a website advocating support for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and was in touch with a number of known jihadists in Britain.

    A month later, seven young Muslims aged sixteen to twenty years were arrested in Copenhagen, four of whom were eventually tried for planning terrorist acts. They were not linked to foreign terrorist cells and communicated predominantly through internet chat rooms, but it was alleged that two of them had met with Cesur and Bektasevic in Denmark in the summer of 2005, and three of them had participated in a study trip to London where they visited Omar Bakri, the founder of Al-Muhajiroun. This trip appears to have been an important part of their radicalisation process. On 11 September 2005 Cesur, Bektasevic and two of the young Danes are alleged to have published a document called ‘Al-Qa’idah of the Holy War in Northern Europe’ on the internet (1).

    The results of the trial have been far from conclusive. Adnan Avdic, twenty at the time of his arrest and originally from Bosnia, had been studying at the Technical School of Copenhagen when his family became concerned about his increasing radicalisation. He was found guilty of lesser charges, but was acquitted by the judge. Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa, a sixteen-year-old of Palestinian background, had arranged to meet Bektasevic in Sarajevo. However, when his father became aware of his plan he took his passport and forbade him to go anywhere. He received a seven year sentence for planning an attack (Sulugiuc and Burlund, 2007). Imad Ali Jaloud, a nineteen-year-old student, started to take an interest in Islam during his second year in high school and is reported to have visited Syria in 2005. He was found guilty of minor offences but his conviction was over turned by the judge. Elias Ibn Hsain, a sixteen-year-old of Moroccan background, was still at school at the time of the arrest and was acquitted. In January 2008 he was retried in the Danish Eastern court, following the discovery of some taped telephone conversations.

    Prosecutors and defence attorneys travelled to Sarajevo to question Cesur and Bektasevic about their involvement in the terror plans after the Bosnian authorities refused to send the men to Denmark for the trial. Another man, ‘Said Mansour’, who received a three and a half year sentence for inciting terrorism with inflammatory propaganda in April 2007, and who has strong Al Qaeda links was also called by the prosecution to discuss his relationship with the Hsain. It was alleged that he had sent a letter from his cell to Hsain asking them him to give his greetings to Cesur, Bektasevic and a British man, all convicted of terrorism. Elias Ibn Hsain was acquitted of all charges in March 2008.

    There is strong evidence that these men were closely associated with each other. In addition they all attended a controversial mosque in the north-western part of Copenhagen. This is also the mosque which the defendants from the most recent terrorism case are said to have attended, and it was suggested by TV2 that they had been in contact with Abu Lifa.

    Nine men were arrested in September 2006, with four eventually facing trial just over a year later, three of whom were found guilty of acquiring chemicals and laboratory instruments to make triacetone triperoxide (TATP) explosives. The prosecution alleged that the group had concrete and serious discussions about a number of targets including the parliament and City Hall. They had been infiltrated by an informant, a controversial figure who was paid 84,000 Danish Kroner for his information (Agence France-Presse, 2007). In November 2007, Mohammad Zaher, a thirty-four-year-old Dane of Palestinian origin, and Ahmed Khaldhahi, a twenty-two-year-old Iraqi Kurd, were sentenced to eleven years each, while Abdallah Andersen, a thirty-two-year-old Dane who converted to Islam, received a four-year sentence for planning terrorist bombings in Denmark. A nineteen-year-old Dane, Riad Anwar Daabas, was acquitted. In a retrial ending in April 2008, the Supreme Court ruled to add a year to the sentences of all those convicted.

    The most recent terror trial started in August 2008 and centres on two men; a Dane of Pakistani origin and an Afghan residing in Denmark. They were arrested in Copenhagen in September 2007 along with six other men who were subsequently released (BBC News, 2007). The two men are accused of ‘manufacturing one or several bombs to be used in a terrorist attack in an undisclosed location in Denmark or abroad’. It is also claimed that they have links with a leading member of Al Qaeda and that one of them attended a training camp in Pakistan. They had been under surveillance by PET for some time and are accused of manufacturing TATP for the purpose of targeting tourist destinations in Denmark and a location in Pakistan (Agence France-Press, 2008).

    Unlike the previous terrorism cases, Jakob Scharf of PET commented that, ‘We would describe the main suspects as militant Islamists with international contacts, including leading members of al-Qaeda’ (BBC News, 2007). This supported his earlier assessment that terrorist cells in Denmark were becoming better organised, better trained and more closely connected to Al Qaeda (Copenhagen Post, 2008).

    Factors for radicalisation

    It is always difficult to model the causes of radicalisation, which are highly specific to each individual and impossible to generalise. However, there are a number of important background factors that go some way to explaining the environment in which increased radicalism has developed among Danish Muslims.

    First, Danish Muslims suffer high levels of socio-economic disadvantage that make their relationship with the state difficult and their grievances prominent. For example, while only 3.6 per cent of the population lives in social housing, one quarter of minorities can be found there, and they are consistently at the bottom of the socio-economic scale in terms of educational and employment attainment. Muslims account for 3.7 per cent of Denmark’s 5.4 million population, compared to just 2 per cent in the UK. They are the largest single immigrant group and the term ‘migrant’ has become synonymous with Muslim (Hussain, 2000). Most are from Turkey and began arriving in Denmark in the 1960s when the post war economy required labour, although more recent arrivals have also included refugees.

    The relationship between poverty, disadvantage and terrorism is far from straightforward and is certainly not causal. After all, most terrorists are middle class (although there is a growing trend within the most recent cohort of terrorists who are socio-economically worse off than their predecessors). In Denmark, the contradiction between the supposed equality and fairness of the state and the position of many Danish Muslims is very stark. This disparity can be offered as part-justification for the crime. It also lends legitimacy and credence to the terrorists who pretend to act in the name of the marginalised.

    There is also growing evidence to suggest that under-employment and under-achievement are important individual drivers for terrorists. Lower educational attainment becomes increasingly relevant in the light of the increased speed of the radicalisation process and the unsophisticated arguments that are often used to justify violence. There is also increasing evidence that adventure and notoriety are important drivers for young people.

    Second, the political climate in Denmark has become increasingly hostile to immigrants, especially since the right wing People’s Party joined the ruling coalition in 2001. The Party has had a strong influence in the creation of immigration and integration policies, and during the 2001 and 2007 election campaigns immigration was projected as the most imminent and serious threat to the history, culture, identity and homogeneity of ‘Little Denmark’ (Hedetoft, 2003). This has led external observers, including Alvaro Gil-Robles, High Commissioner of Human Rights for the European Council, to conclude that there is a high level of intolerance in the political arena and across the media in Denmark (Hussain, 2000). As the authors of a recently published book commented:

    It is a dismal fact that Denmark today is one of the most closed societies of the world. According to opinion polls, the Danes are extremely intolerant towards other religious communities, and the legislative and the administrative practice in a number of areas are on the brink of confrontation with human rights, laid down in the international conventions. (Fenger-Gron et al, 2003; quoted in Hussain, 2007)

    This is much more than a general feeling of intolerance. The Danish government has introduced some of the most restrictive immigration laws in Europe, including the Aliens (Consolidation) Act (1 September 2006) and the Aliens Order (5 October 2005). These laws make it easier to reject asylum claims, limit family reunification and have been used to extradite without trial the two foreign nationals accused of plotting to murder Kurt Westergaard.

    Denmark has also made it particularly difficult for immigrants to become citizens. A child born in Denmark whose parents are foreign nationals does not have any preferential right to acquire Danish citizenship. The required duration of stay in the country before an application can be made has been raised from seven to nine years, and applicants must now declare their full criminal record, including minor offences such as traffic violations. They must also be economically self-sufficient and not have been on welfare for more than one year in the previous five.

    Third, there has been a wider trend of heightened radicalism within Muslim communities in Denmark, perhaps linked to the politicisation of Islam and the wider social and political climate described above. One gets a real sense when visiting communities across Denmark that Muslims feel somewhat under siege; they feel they have been characterised as the enemy of the state in Denmark, and their anger and frustration is further heightened by personal conditions of disadvantage. The language of many radical groups verges on violent, with references to invasion, war and freedom fighting. They also give the impression they are forced to defend their religious convictions and use dichotomies of darkness and light in their language and de-humanisation. However, distinguishing between idle chatter and real intent for action is important and something that is often misunderstood.

    There have been no comprehensive studies of the membership of radical groups, so it is difficult to estimate their relative importance among young Muslims in Denmark, but there is evidence emerging that membership is transitory. For example, research on Hizb ut-Tahrir suggests that it has a very small core group of members, and attracts larger numbers of unaffiliated individuals on an ad hoc basis for specific events.

    Fourth, as the cases outlined above show, the Muslim community in Denmark has good international links. In fact, most of the violent radical activity to date has been focused outside of Denmark. The number of foiled plots relative to the size of the Muslim population is small, but the groups appear to be interlinked and connected internationally.

    This is one of the most interesting traits of Danish violent radicalism: Danish terrorists appear to have a ‘pact’ with Denmark. Their home country is–for now–off-limits as a target. Many of the radicals I have interviewed in the country speak about this pact. Given how hostile Denmark has been to them, it is interesting that the country qualifies for ‘special treatment’ in this way. However, there is no guarantee that the pact will hold. After all, this is the position taken by radical British Muslims in the 1990s, for which the British government has been roundly criticised by commentators such as Melanie Phillips who say it should have done more to clamp down on them earlier. Interestingly, the largest national group–Turks–are under-represented in cases in Denmark.


    Denmark’s current prominence on the international political scene has not been for reasons that would be celebrated by the Danish government or its people. The ‘cartoon crisis’ marked a low point in the country’s history, with the Prime Minister going so far as to describe it as the worst international relations disaster since the Second World War.

    But the problems run much deeper in Danish society than a battle over freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Like many countries in Europe, Denmark is–so far quietly–battling with the problem of home-grown violent radicals. For now, successful policing and a reticence on the part of some violent radicals has prevented a domestic attack, but one can only assume that it will be a matter of time before this changes.

  74. You Don’t Know Camilla: I don’t drink. If you had read a word of what I am saying you will know that. It is the reason that I have chosen non-accredited education and I feel kind of isolated in Denmark.

    I have seen what you and Henrik Adamsen write but I feel that I just as well could have been behind bars like Camilla Broe if I had been living in the United States. If just keeping quiet about kind of crimes your customers do means being charged with “conspiracy” every second employee out here in Bazar Vest where I do my shopping will be criminals. It is just so with immigrants that certain things must be between the regime and those people who do it. It is best to lower your head and focus on making your own life an honest life.

    It is not that I like Denmark but having read about her case, I realize that I could do much worse.

  75. Fatima, if you seriously believe that you could have been behind bars in the United States, then it is only because you may have had some kind of antagonistic feeling towards the country, that you would try to act on.

    Unlike in a lot of muslim countries, you are not jailed for your thoughts or your speech in the United States (or in Denmark), but for your actions, including when you aid and abet someone else for their actions.

    As to your isolation in Denmark, I do believe – based solely on your posts on this blog – that some of it is your own fault. I can tell you that I myself drink very little alkohol, and have never dissolved my brain for a day in alcohol at parties or in other situations.

    In Denmark a lot of people may get drunk, but it is totally socially acceptable in any social setting I know that some people avoid drinking and stay on soft drinks.

    So far there is no clear and cut evidence that all Camilla did was stay quiet, but we will of course know better, if and when the case comes before an open courtroom, where Camilla will be able to face her accusers and her witnesses, as is the undeniable right for any accused in an American (and Danish courtroom)… she will also – through her attorney – have the right to cross examine the witnesses against her, probably including the circumstances around the socalled plea-arrangements that some of these witnesses may have entered into, and the very existence of the plea arrangements will also be considered by the judge and jury when deliberating over the evidence and the credibility of the witnesses, other testimony and evidence.

    And no, in Denmark you are not a criminal because you know that someone else is, and don’t go to the police – neither are you a co-conspirator – and the same is true in the United States. So unless you through your own active actions help, aid, abet or facilitate someone else’s criminal activity, you will not be in trouble.

  76. You Don’t Know Camilla: Denmark has not experienced any problem with growing radicalism and the “Cartoon crisis” was a preemptive attack. As they would have said at Maersk it was punctual care.

    Regarding the Camilla Broe case, which this entry seems to be about I just want to state that we indeed have lived abroad (Australia – not the United States). Your values as immigrant were challenged and at some point you need to make a decision. We could see how the challenges especially our children was exposed too was about the change them in a way we as parents didn’t want. Short version is that we returned home as fast as possible, the long version you can read in my blog.

    A couple of hours ago I wrote a very long defense of our prime minister who had done it so good the first year in his job. When I read it while thinking of all the comments in this blog I realize prosecuting people in a foreign justice system always will create myths and the state running the case is not doing very much to prevent it.

    Take the Amanda Knox case. All the time it has been known that the leading prosecutor was on trial himself for abuse of office. The ink on the conviction of Amanda Knox was hardly dry before the prosecutor himself were sentenced to about 2 years for crime related to his way of running his office. It is too easy for both the experienced Senator Cantwell and the U.S. business sector represented by Donald Trump to criticize Italy. If I were the minister of Justice in Italy, I would personally see to that the persons running such a high profile case had a spotless career. I know it is almost impossible in Italy, but I am sure that it could be done if you tried hard enough.

    In Denmark slander is used by both prosecution and defense in court cases. In a rape case from Copenhagen the press was hinted about the mental capacity of the victim. They rapists were cleared in a lower court but sentenced on appeal. In a case from Naestved a girl tried to force once of the rich students from the boarding school to marriage by shouting rape. The minister of justice saw to that a special judge was sent to Naestved and rather unusual the entire police evidence was thrown out of court. The case was finished and the defense for the student from the boarding school clearly kept the right to mock the girl after the court had set the boy free.

    We know that Camilla Broe has answered 10 questions. Some of them confirm that she at some point discovered that the investment firm was a cover for crimes. It is also known that she returned to Denmark before the charges were filed. The recommendation clearly states how many days the prosecution was late before they decided to cook some charges against her.

    Of course I hope that the case goes to trial at some point soon. A plea bargain of any kind would only create the basis for yet another myth. Surely none in both the Danish justice department or the prosecution in Florida could have interest in that. Not much is known about the status and possible extradition of the businesswoman and politician Christa Moellgaard-Hansen who is investigated in the United States for aiding terrorists with money wired by the use of the swift system. But I doubt that any Danes will follow Camilla Broe if it ends with a plea bargain based on Camilla Broe running out of money. The pressure on our minister of justice will be 10 times higher than the one cause by rumors of changing testimonies from the traffic accident.

    The opinion on drugs in Denmark is difficult to understand. Personally I believe that an easier access to alcohol especially for our youth can reduce drug use. Look at other countries where they have restricted access to alcohol. I searched a little on the Internet. In the States the fashion now is dusters – people getting high on household cleaning products and even dying from them. It is Salvia from the kitchen which is smoked.

    Look at the journalist Karen Thisted who are closely tied to the government. Today she is defending the “Jetset-queen” who was accused by the police to be the dealer near our royal circles. Some time ago she was after Camilla Broez. Why such difference in two drug related cases where the Jetset-queen was convicted for buying a small amount of drugs?

    It is odd and long after the final word has been said in Florida tons of myths will surround the case. Sad – but truth.

  77. Fatima: I am not sure what kind of crimes you are observing, stealing bubble gum or a group of individuals that are hiding
    a bomb, weapons or murder. If you see and do not report criminal activities of a certain level you could be held complicit in that crime in the United States.

    United States federal law

    “Misprision of felony” is still an offense under United States federal law after being codified in 1909 under 18 U.S.C. § 4:

    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

  78. Bente: Can you name this so called investment firm Camilla Broe worked for? From whom was she receiving her payroll checks? Fifteen years of investigative work and no legitimate firm has been identified.

  79. Henrik: You ask A.E.Burns what the Danish and American education system has to do with the Camilla Broe case. I can see that I am somehow to blame for this derailment. I was me who stated that the Camilla Broe case somehow saved my life and a wasted year because the American education doesn’t measure up to ours.

    The next question is why is drinking in High Schools as we do a good idea. The short version is that it promotes safety. First people like Fatima cannot strap a bomb-belt around their waste and mingle just to blow us all up. We will always look at someone that doesn’t want to hang out with suspicion.

    Second Danish High School miss something a U.S. High School have – school shootings. Such shootings are done by nerds who has been isolated. I can tell you that after a couple of beers I don’t care if my classmates are nerds.

    Third it prepares us for safety during driving, because while I don’t conduct binge drinking every week, I know that alcohol and driving don’t belong if drinking means that even walking is difficult. Some thing you have to learn by doing. To foreign readers I can inform you that we have a very low limit for alcohol while driving because we built a bridge to Sweden where even smelling to the skid marks of a milk truck can intoxicate people. The punishment for DUI is severe (Not like prosecutors in the US, who wants the first DUI to be a freebee), but I feel that you can warn people all you want. If they tried to be drunk before they can drive, they know what it is about.

  80. You are joking, Right Jonas? Because if you are not, I am really shocked: You simply hate America, that is your real problem.

    It may very well be that one year of high-school will not bring you one year less of gymnasium or other education in Denmark. What it will bring you is the chance – I doubt you as a person will take the opportunity – to learn a different culture, plus knowledge in a non-communistic, anti-american way of some academic subjects, that you will never be taught in Denmark. Now, I admit that this can be scary for anti-Americans like you apparantly are, despite obviously lacking basic knowledge about what it is like, to be in America, but if you don’t want to learn and receive new impulses, anyway, it is hopeless.

    You see – learning is a two-way street.

    But the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life is that drinking your brain out is preventing suicide-bombing, because people who conserve their brain outside a cup of alcohol are suspicious.

    Let me reveal something for you: I have been drinking very little, and nothing in school… I have never been thought of or acted as a possible suicide bomber… kind of blows your theory away, doesn’t it Jonas?

    And no, the Camilla Broe case did not save you from been imprisoned in the United States – what saved you was not committing, conspiring or aiding and abetting in the commission of criminal activity, unlike Camilla Broe, assuming the indictment of her is correct.

    Your thoughts, your ideas and your posts inhear would be purely comical if they were not so ignorant and tragic – so may be we should combine them to something tragical-comical balony. It is at any rate baloney, but – granted – very funny baloney.

  81. No, I don’t hate America. It is beside the subject but Scotland or Ireland was into the picture as alternative. My parents didn’t want me too close to London which is a possible terror target.

    But both places the exchange students have to wear school uniforms and I was not ready to skip my identity for a year. It would be a too high a price to pay beside loosing a year out in school, so I would return home in a class below my present class mates.

    Camilla Broe has lost the right to wear her own clothes for a half year so far but you think she might have committed a crime so it might be in order (In Danish prison they don’t go far to deny the inmates to wear their own clothes).

    But I have not committed a crime so I should be entitled to use my own clothes.

  82. It may be besides the subject, Jonas, but it is certainly not besides the context of your posts here: You mention nothing positive about America, probably because your concrete knowlegde of the country is non-existent.

    Like I told you – you could learn a lot from a year in the United States that would more than outweigh a lack of merit-transfer in the Danish School System; even more so I find it to be yet another sign of Danish arrogance, not being willing to accept that studies in America can actually teach you something useful… But if you do not want to learn, then that is your problem – and your huge loss.

    I furthermore find it laughable that you can take such offense to the fact that English schools’ requirement of school uniforms is such an unacceptable infraction of your human rights that you are willing to sacrifice a year of unbeatable learning in a foreign country. But you take the loss.

    As to prison clothes: Why should that be a violation of human rights.

    And have you ever thought about the safety issues that may be involved in securing that the prisoners are wearing certain clothes in prison?

    So again – WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM (other than hating America?)

  83. Adamsen: Now you are going too far. We returned from Australia because we wanted to protect our children from wearing uniforms. We have written a little about it in our blog. There were a couple of other things wrong with the Australian society which made it impossible to be fully integrated, but the school uniforms did matter a lot.

    Second it can not be a security issue whether inmates keeps their own clothes or wear an uniform. You can find not prison in Denmark where the inmates wear uniforms, not even our Supermax prison at the policestation in Copenhagen. In most prisons the guards are not even armed.

    If it was a security issue, the inmates would wear uniforms. I believe that it is a about degrading humans instead.

  84. And what does prison uniforms have to do with whether or not Camilla Broe was denied justice or not? NOTHING! And that should be the subject of this blog.

    The fact remains that Camilla Broe has had her case heard by three courts in Denmark, and one in the United States. None of the four courts have yet to find that the charges against her are unfounded and the High Court in Copenhagen finds the charges to be serious enough and so closely related that it is “one continued crime” therefore not making the Statute of Limitation run until the last crime that Camilla Broe is accused of being a part of, had been committed. And finds that there is no problem with Camilla Broes rights of justice in extraditing her. THOSE ARE THE FACTS…

    Now this discussion is changing into something else: Because prisoners in the United States have to wear uniforms, or school kids in England and Scotland have to wear school uniforms, Camilla Broe is innocent? WHERE THE HELL IS THE CONNECTION?

    As to what you feel about the AUSTRALIAN society and school uniforms – where is the connection to Camilla Broe?

  85. I can’t even keep my finger on the page anymore. Falling out of chair laughing. Jonas keep yourself drunk and walking for safety
    and see how far you get in life. After you complete that circle you will be right back where you started. NO WHERE!

    Bente do you consider a berka to be a uniform? They appear that way to me. Take a look at this

    With regards to Camilla Broe, rather than crying “FOUL”, try to find a loop hole in the justice system. At least that would be admirable.

  86. I am not so interested in if it was fair if she was extradited or not. We live in a changing world. We have to give the fight against international crime and terrorism a chance. Just look how the list of terrorist organizations ended a long civil war on Sri Lanka in the best possible way with only minor civil casualties their culture taken into account. Now they give the world a lesson in how fast democracy can be established.

    Giving Camilla Broe up and leaving her to bankruptcy if she tries to defend herself against the charges sound harsh but we have to look at the big picture and it is a world with peace and less crime. Huge goals means sacrifices of some. Nothing is free in this world.

    But please explain to me how a DEA agent can claim that the Danish minister of Justice is lying when her spokesman and the present minister denies every word of the testimony?

    Are the witnesses not under oath during the pre-trail process? I know that neither of the Danish politicians are lying because if they lie they risk not only their job but also a trial and the possible collapse of our government.

    It is possible the most important question in this case which should have been solved with a abduction like they planed so we could have avoided all the expenses to trials in Denmark.

  87. Takjam:
    Camilla ran to Denmark and hunkered down to avoid prosecution in the United States. Camilla did maintain her Danish citizenship. The responsibility starting at square one (1) runs this way > The best possible solution for Denmark and Camilla Broe would have been if she did not potentially participate in criminal activities and had cooperated with the USA criminal investigative team once she was contacted. Next best step would have been if Camilla did not flee to Denmark knowing she had criminal issues to defend in the United States. The USA DEA will follow you where ever you run. Instead Camilla chose the Denmark court system to challenge the extradition and criminal charges.

    My opinion remains that the responsibility and the long list of issues falls squarely back on Camilla’s shoulders. Takjam I understand your frustration.

  88. Takjam:
    As to your question about who might be lying, I assume the facts will determine that. Never say “You Know” someone is not lying. It may end up being one’s biggest lie and potential cover up. Realistically politicians at all levels and in all countries can and have lied. Bummer when you think of it from an idealistic frame of mind. I choose to keep it real.

  89. If you are foreigner you have no rights. Read this story from a day in court and decide for your self:

    A day in court.

    It is the same in Denmark. Now I really think that Camilla Broe was set up!

  90. And that article is representative of all foreigners in the United States, Fatima! Believe in it! Then there is one person who does so.
    Again – where is the connection to Camilla Broe? My answer is NON-EXISTENT!

  91. Fatima: Good thing you are not Camilla Broe’s defense attorney. She would not have a chance with your perspective or arguments. Your link to a blog does not prove Camilla Broe was set up. That is simply deragnged thinking. Some facts you might find helpful.

    Polish people in Chicago have been very prevalent from the city’s early history and were influential in the economic and social development of Chicago. Today 1.1 million Poles in Chicago make up the largest ethnically Polish population of any city outside of Poland making it one of the most important centers of Polonia, a fact that the city celebrates every Labor Day weekend at the Taste of Polonia Festival in Jefferson Park.

  92. Fatima:
    I found your post about Camilla Broe on the “Arresting Tales” especially odd. I would only assume they found your perspective completely off topic as well.

    Typically a blog with “Tales” in the headline refers back to : a libelous report or piece of gossip : an intentionally untrue report : falsehood.

    “I always preferred the tale to the truth” — Sir Winston Churchill

    Fatima it sounds like *you and Winston share that perspective.

  93. deragnged = *deranged …lol sorry

  94. I am sorry.

    Our government lied!

    A confidential report has just been leaked. It was our former minister of justice – Lene Espersen – who called the former U.S. embassador Cain in to order him to let the DEA demand Camilla Broe extradited.

    And it doesn’t stop there. An article from the Danish newspaper BT explains that they ordered the DEA to invent charges about 10 episodes with the narcotics smugglers. Our present chief of the police Reinmann gave the Americans a manuscript advising them how to fabricate their case. Apparently Americans must have little or no experience in writing charges down. Otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.

    I am quite shocked. It seems that her ordeal is fully based on that some politicians should achieve some political goal.

    I have made a blog entry about it.

  95. Takjam: It is wise to say one is sorry, but libelous to use misleading words like invent or fabricate. The DEA has undeniable experience in bringing criminals to justice and follow the international standards to do so.

    You have already made judgement what this case is “fully based” on andyour opinion is merely based on hearsay evidence. None of your arguments would stand up in court.

  96. To Takjam: The only things you should be sorry about are these:
    1. You believe that Ekstra Bladet and BT are not lying. They are ALWAYS lying and don’t know what the hell they are writing about – but it sells, and that’s all they care about.
    2. the article in BT doesn’t breathe a word about that it was the Danish Justice Minister at the time or the police who asked for the meeting with the American Ambassador at the time. The article states that there was a meeting between the ambassador and the police, where the police informed the Americans about how to go about making an application for extradition of Camilla Broe – and the article further states that Lene Espersen had expressed doubt as to whether an extradition would be possible. SO WHERE THE HELL IS THE PRESSURE FROM LENE ESPERSEN or THE POLICE – or is it just another sick claim from those who cannot fathom that Camilla Broe is in jailed because she is in custody for allegedly taking part in a crime, which – if performed and prosecuted in Denmark – could give her 16 years in a Danish Prison?

    You see CAMILLA BROES ACTIONS are the reasons she is accused of a serious crime – not Lene Espersen and not Danish Police. LIVE WITH IT!

    So the only fabrication in this blog is from those who are desperate to make sure that Camilla Broe is not brought to justice for her actions. And of course the claim that the Danish Government did anything on its own initiative to “order” or “pressure” the Americans to ask for extradition.

  97. To “You don’t know Camilla”: Thank you for helping me correct some of the many ridiculous misleading, and erroneous statements in this blog from those who only have one purpose – to prevent real justice from being sought and served in the Camilla Broe Case.

    Its a shame that you cannot read the Danish Newspaper article (I assume you are an American that doesn’t read or understand Danish), but the claim is – based on the headline of the article in question – that the Danish Justice Minister at the time pressured the American Embassy to make sure that The Americans asked for extradition of Camilla Broe.

    The problem is that the article does not support the claim posted in the headline (which is quite normal for the paper in question). The article states that in 2007 the Justice minister expressed doubt towards the American Ambassador to Denmark at the time, James P. Cain, that it would be legally possible for Denmark to extradite Camilla Broe.

    Some months later a meeting took place between Ambassador Cain, the Chief of Police for the region where Camilla lived at the time, Johan Reimann, and the Chief Prosecutor of the same region, Arne Stevns.

    In the meeting, Johan Reimann counseled the Americans as to what elements should go into an application for extradition of Camilla Broe, for such an application to have a chance of succes. It does not, however, give basis for a claim that it was the Danes who pleaded with the U.S. to have the extradition executed.

    About Johan Reimann, you should know that he was the former office director in the Danish Justice Department of the Law Office, and then became Chief of Police for Europol for a few years before returning to Denmark, where he now serves as chief of police for the City of Copenhagen. Johan Reimann also experienced the pleasure (at least I hope it was a pleasure for him) of having me as a law student at the University of Copenhagen in family law.

  98. Henrik: It is a pleasure to stand shoulder to shoulder with you exposing the intended false reports in this blog. It is our privledge to express our opinions on the internet, but the posts on this blog have been borderline libelous. With your astute knowledge and expertise it has been wise to keep an eye on this blog.

    I am amazed to what extent individuals will go to mislead the facts of a case. I am not sure if they are simpletons or truly
    ruthless individuals furthering their cause, to bring down America, humiliate the conservitive Danish powers or protect and abet drug smuggling.

    They certainly have not helped Camilla Broe. Thank you for English translations of headlines and faux reporting in the Danish news.

    I have faith that the Danes have their eye on the ball with regard to criminal activities. Like all whom are affected by criminal activities, we will work hand and hand to stop the
    path criminals seek of dominance over our daily lives.

    I hope at the very least the bloggers here have learned that education is a tool they need in their chest. Gossip and rumors only makes these bloggers look like fools.

    Carry on soldier.

  99. Recommendation or not. She has been cleared of all the charges they cooked at the meeting in Copenhagen. From Berlingske: Amerikansk dommer lukker Broe-sagen.

    Reimann has been out stating that they somehow translated what took place at the meeting wrong. Somehow the Americans at the meeting believed that he ordered them to create the case. He doesn’t recognize their statement.

    Now she can return to Denmark and then it is up to the members of our parliament to demand yet another investigation. It seems that some of the officials made it past the Tamil case decades back and continued their work. Now it is a time for a total cleaning of our Department of Justice. We have a lot of sickness in that department.

  100. Lets see if she can, Rotsne. Have you ever heard of the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia. According to TV 2 in Denmark, an appeal may be lodged there, by the Americans.

    Second of all you apparantly are unable to hide that your real motivation in this case is not the (false in my opinion) justice of Camilla Broe, but rather your sickening (in my opinion) disdain and disrespect of the Danish Justice Department and Police Department, both of which have done nothing more but to follow Danish Extradition law, as confirmed unanimously by the Danish High Court (Østre Landsret), and extradite Camilla Broe to the United States, when asked by the Americans.

    Thirdly, it is laughable and ludicrous that you – who of all people have made no secret – throughout this blog – of your lack of trust and confidence in the DEA and the American Authorities, now are willing to use the leaked (probably illegally) DEA-report as documentation (which is disputed) that Denmark forced the Americans to ask – against their own will – to have Camilla Broe extradited. But I guess that when one enemy can be misused against the other, there are no limits in your mind… except may be fundamental understanding of real justice which is to do the time when you have done the crime, in stead of fleeing to Denmark in secret, as stated in the Danish High Court Decision

  101. Adamsen: You were right about the possibility for an appeal: Week 25 – The Farce goes on

  102. Why are you so shocked about the appeal? To me the farce would be even bigger, if Camilla Broe had gotten off, when she – in my opinion – fled justice for so many years, in the false hope that her Danish Passport would provide her cover for a serious narcotics offense, which she allegedly has committed.

    To me the only solution, which I also believe is what the final solution will be, is that either The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia, will declare that the case has not fallen because of The Statutes of Limitation, due to Camilla Broe’s escape to Denmark, which in my opinion constitutes being a fugitive from Justice, and thus automatically removes the protection of Statutes of Limitations under United States Federal Law.

    So the only farce is that so many people, who probably are the victims of a good faith in Camilla Broe, and who lack knowledge of American jurisprudence, find it wrong, that the American authorities are willing to take the question of Camilla Broe to the limits of the justice system.

    And one more question, that I think you ought to think about: If the claim that the Danish Police and Justice Department pressured the Americans to ask Denmark to extradite Camilla had even an ounce of truth, much less credibility to it, don’t you think they would have just dropped the matter now, having had two judges – wrongfully – declared the case dead.

    In other words: If it was contrary to the wishes of the American Authorities to have this case at all, do you really think that we would have seen an appeal? My question – I believe – is most truthfully and reasonably answered with a resoundning “NO”

  103. Is there such a thing as juridical spanking?

    It certainly looks that way when following this link to a live coverage of the court proceedings in her case.

    I hope she makes it. As I can read I am one of the lucky ones who learned of this case before going abroad as part of my education.

    Therefore I have a lot to thank her for.

  104. Yes, and what you therefore must now deal with is the missed opportunity to learn a great deal about another country, another culture – not just the judicial system – and therefore will be a lot worse off in your future. But then again, what do I care… you are the one who has to live with it.

    And by the way. The fact that Camilla Broe may be released now is no guarantee for her, that she will be free in the long run. If the appeal holds up, which I find likely in the Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Ms. Broe may very well find herself on yet another trip to prison… after all, she is subject to extradition as has already been shown.

  105. Rotsne
    Why would you say she may get the “chair”? By now have you taken the time to read Camilla Broe’s Inditement which includes potential penalties? Your week 25 “the Farce goes on” blog is written by you and what I would call a person with a pseudo bi-polar disorder. Your rational, logic and chaotic comments are like a tangled ball of yarn. Camilla Broe has already admitted to a lot more than dinners with her boyfriend and drug smuggling business partner, Fernando Luminati Tonelli. You score an F on that ridiculous entry and an F on comprehension.

    Good luck in that cocoon you have locked yourself. I consider that a form of self imprisonment. Maybe that big scary world out there really is too much for you. And for the big mean Americans, we are just waiting to spend all of our hard earned tax dollars to arrest every innocent foreign student. Your nuts and do not deserve a seat in our classrooms. You will always have an excuse in as to why you never got anywhere in life

  106. You Don’t Know Camilla: I don’t think that Rotsne is the only one who consider the US Court system of a low standard. In fact our new Secretary of State Lene Espersen stated today that the court system did a poor ruling in Berlingske Tidende. She is quoted for saying that the court is wrong when they claim that the statutes of limitation were met. She believes that she knows the U.S. Law better than the Judge Frederico Moreno.

    So even the very person who according to the DEA report was the aggressive part in forcing the U.S authorities to go back and make plea bargains in exchange for testimonies against Camilla Broe so Tornelli among other could be set free is very much in doubt about the ability of a US court to handle such a case, so why shouldn’t Rotsne believe the same?

    Denmarks Radio had a large piece about the case interviewing experts in both Europe and the US. Several countries are shocked about this ruling so maybe a lot of extradition agreements will be renegociated as direct result of this case.

  107. For reasons unknown to me has a setting I cannot figure out, they shut off comments of entries about 2 months old. I am sorry and I am trying to adjust the settings.

  108. Angela Burns:
    You used the word believe more than once in your post. People can believe whatever or whomever they want, but it does not make it FACT. Some people believe in the Easter Bunny.

    My question to you is – Do you BELIEVE drug smugglers should serve prison time?

  109. To Angela Burns: It would be of great help, if you either READ and UNDERSTAND (you learn to do so in the third grade in Denmark) what Lene Espersen said, and is quoted of: What she said was that she believe that the American Court System made the wrong conclusion legally. Now, based on the fact, that Lene Espersen was Minister of Justice when the Justice Ministry decided to extradite Camilla Broe, I am going to assume, that the ministry of Justice at least found that the charges were founded and that it is likely that Camilla Broe was guilty criminally of the charges brought against her.
    So therefore the logic conclusion that thinking people therefore should draw from Lene Espersens statement, yesterday, must therefore be that she – and the Danish Authorities – believes that it was wrong for the American Authorities to find that the Statute of Limitations precluded prosecuton of Camilla Broe in this case.
    Therefore Lene Espersens statement can only be read as a derogatory comment on the American Justice System as a whole, if one is unable to comprehend what Lene Espersen meant, or if one lived on the moon when it happened.
    Let me reveal that I am very surprised at the American District Court Judge’s decision, and I don’t agree with it. It is incomprehensible to me that Camilla Broes sudden urge to go to Denmark, after living 16 years in Miami, made it necessary for her to go immediately after she was told that she was under suspicion in a serious narcotics offense, and why any judge cannot see, that such and urge is a poor cover for the real purpose of the trip – to flee justice and to hope that her Danish Passport would save her ass from extradition.
    Therefore I believe that if an appeal is filed with the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia, the decision will be overturned and the case remanded for trial in Miami on its merits, that is to say on whether or not Camilla Broe is actually guilty of drug traficking.
    Then it will be interesting to see whether our justice department again extradites her – I cannot see why they shouldnt – in the interest of actual justice being served?
    And lastly a thought for you: Do you believe that Camilla Broe is not a criminal and that she has now been judged as having not been involved in drug traficking?

  110. One more thing Angela Burns: Apparently the U.S. Justice Department doesn’t know American Law better than you – they were the ones who were asked by the Danish Authorities on the American Statute of Limitations…

    Yeah right. I believe that and the story about Santa Claus too.

  111. Rotsne: You have not commented on the American judicial system that released Camilla or her astute American attorney .

  112. I have just made a final entry about this case based on the ruling from the appeal court.

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