Week 17 – silence, Christmas and continued crisis

In Uncategorized on December 30, 2009 at 00:14

The courts in Florida is on Christmas holiday but the latest news is that the prosecutor has denied the defense access to the negociations between the Danish justice ministry and the D.A. office in Florida. How will the court in Florida ever be able to make a judgment in this case without seeing this communication? How will the court be able to decide if a DEA agent has committed perjury or the minister of justice in Denmark is lying? We are talking about not some documents – we are talking about THE documents essential for the case.

The statement from a DEA agent is that it was the minister of justice in Denmark who personally demanded the use of the Danish court system, which is very slow working due to reforms. The reform has meant a damage which most think would be dealt with in some 10 or 20 years. The minister of justice properly knew that and now people are question the purpose of such a slow proceeding which delayed the case so much that any kind of conviction in Florida would be ridiculous. Especially because the conviction will be annulled due to the extradition agreement which state that she should be returned to Denmark within 6 month after the court has given her a sentence. A typical waste of the money paid by the hardworking taxpayers in two countries.

It seems that that there is some kind of fashion among the European authorities where the deal is to bother the United States as much as possible. Italy did it by having a show trial against Amanda Knox. Denmark lured the DEA into taking the slowest possible path toward having her extradited. Maybe the DEA was set up by the Danish ministry of justice. None will know before the entire communication in this case between the authorities in Danish and the United States is public record.

When we leave the Camilla Broe case for a minute we have learned a sad news in Denmark today. A year ago they started a trial with stationary unmanned speed traps between Ringsted and Roskilde. While the goal was to reduce the number of people killed on our roads due to speeding, the trial had a very negative impact on our economy. More than 10.000 people have lost their job since the trial started due to decreased mobility. Now the politicians have decided to make the use of such devices permanently.

I have to ask how we can ever rebuilt our economy without regaining some of our mobility. Other countries will properly get the jobs instead of us because their citizens can travel faster.

I believe that it is an insult toward the Danish citizens and the future of the business sector is non-existing until the decision is reversed or we are able to get high ways between small villages as compensation for speed control they do in Jutland all the time.

If I were a foreign investor, I would leave and forget about Denmark at once. The chance of profit is non-existing.


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