Week 16 – analysis of the COP15 result

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There is no news about the case against Camilla Broe in Florida. A hearing should have been conducted in our parliament but an intense pressure from the United States forced our politicians to abort the hearing. The situation is that a DEA agent stated that it was our minister of Justice who forced them to use our slow court system. It is a statement which our minister of Justice denies. If that rejection is correct then we are talking perjury by the agent. Unfortunately the statement from the agent cannot be tested because our politicians are too afraid to seek the truth.

At last the COP15 meeting stopped. Now we have lived with state of emergency laws for 14 days. 1,800 people were arrested. Phone tapping of the entire phone work has made a lot of noise and slow calls, but it resulted in arrests of some of the people who had planned the events outside the conference. Only a fraction of the protesters remained in Denmark to the end.

I believe that we did good warning people in advance that Denmark had declared state of emergency. I also believe that the plan to have only one bus for 900 detainees causing some of the protesters to become ill after so many hours on the frozen ground in restraints did sent so many to the hospital that they were not able to continue their protests. I believe that our police did an excellent job and send a clear signal to protesters worldwide that the climate issue is no longer something for ordinary people to care about.

It will be easier for Mexico to handle protesters as result of the events in Copenhagen. While the police in Mexico have shown that they can remove protesters permanently as they did in Tlatelolco, people should have learned that they have no business protesting at a COP meeting. We may have saved lives by having such an efficient police.

There are a lot of people who state that the COP15 is a failure. I don’t agree with that conclusion. COP15 was a success. A lot of countries came to Denmark with only one purpose and it had nothing to do with the climate. They came to blackmail the very countries which every year pays them a lot of money in development aid.

How dare they?

We welcomed them here regardless of the fact that they don’t matter in the global picture. We had people in the sector for personal services offering them their services for free. We served good food etc. Could they at least show some respect for their hosts.

There are few countries which have done so much for the world as Denmark. We supported the war on terrorism and made an efficient attack on the morale against potential supporters of terrorism.

Centuries ago we were among the countries which increased mobility of labor transporting a cheap work force from Africa which in fact made a country like the United States.

Lately we were among the few countries which paid their part to the United Nations in full. Not even the United States did that because they are naive and believe that such a World Wide organization can function without adapting local customs regarding bribing.

It is unfair to raise any kind of criticism against the leaders of the conference. Danes don’t follow protocol. We make things happen. Personally, religious and national feelings are not respected. Immigrants who have settled here know that. They could have made some inquiries before they flew in to the meeting.

There are some that believe that this Lumumba due was a paperboy for Communist-China, which for some reason replaced the elected Chinese government in the United States in the 1970’s. I hope that is not true, but should it be it is easy to punish every good coming from China with some extra taxes.

Anyhow it has been kind of funny to observe countries which believe they are something. Brasilia was a fine country in the 1960’s but assassination of business men (among them a Dane) turned it into a less interesting investment opportunity.

Denmark has a large export to India. Shipwrecking is something they are the best to in the world. Some IT-projects are also sent down there but it is tasks which are double-checked as there are now critical questions about the material. If an error is found they program the project without correcting the errors. I find that it is double standard to place assignments in India because the main reason that they can be so cheap is that they don’t care about the poor people in their society.

So the conference were destroyed from the inside and the thousands of protesters outside did only do it worse by stealing the entire attention of the media so the climate could be damaged by the actions of those politicians inside.

The ruling must be that the COP15 was a success. It resulted in the best possible result. I hope that all those protesters and politicians who teamed up to destroy it are ashamed.


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