Week 15 – Denmark – State of emergency result

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The pre-trial process in the Camilla Broe case is almost at its end. An intense political pressure from US authorities apparently prevented a hearing in the Danish parliament. After the verdict in Italy in the Amanda Knox case accusations of Anti-Americanism have seen the light. Based on the past history between these two countries, it could very well be right.

19 people died in the Cavalase cable car disaster. Things were covered up by the Americans and none were punished as expected in such a serious matter. It doesn’t make the relationship between Italy and the United States better because the US government won’t extradite CIA personnel convicted of abduction in Italy.

A guilty verdict against Amanda Knox is a nice way to say that Italy can make things happen also.

With one country almost at the edge of redrawing from the war on terrorism, there is no need for Denmark to take a similar path. What kind of message would we as nation send if we contribute to revealing the employees from a police agency might have stated something which is close to perjury?

Remember that Camilla Broe was extradited based on our anti-terror act. We did not even question the contents of the charges brought against her. They could have played dice about the charges and we wouldn’t have questioned them. Even accusations of participating in the Kennedy murders would have been accepted.

If we start question even a small step in the war on terrorism, we could be the country who stops it. We could bring victory to Osama Bin-Laden. Denmark can as host for the COP15 not afford as a country suffering from Anti-Americanism.

It brings us to the hottest topic this week and properly next week also. As I speak 700 activists have been arrested. Fortunately most were foreigners because the police bus couldn’t take them to Valby Internment fast enough. Exposed to the cold some ended up in the hospital. The police was targeting some 15-20 hardcore activists and arrested 700 so the hardcore activists couldn’t hide in the crowd. It is a huge success.

On the political front things are not happening so fast. The goal for COP15 is to stop the undeveloped countries from making the same mistake as we have done in the western world. If we can prevent them from building any kind of industry and settle being farming countries or offering tourist entertainment the world can be saved.

Just to satisfy the third world leaded by Robert Mugabe Danish high schools students did a lot of charity work so schools in Zimbabwe could be presented as well-runned by their government. China could have been a problem but this week Denmark altered its view on Tibet and in general accepted the actions of the Chinese government the last 50 years.

But the G-77 and especially their chairman – a certain Lumumba Stanislaus DI-Aping – seem to be aiming for a failure of the COP15. We have tried the normal procedure to make them feel welcome and more forthcoming. However it doesn’t seem to work and our employees in our climate ministry have been sent home to student the writings of Georges Remi which is an important part of the curriculum in our schools. Somewhere in this description of the journey of a Belgian journalist around 1930 in Central Africa can we expect to find the key which can make us understand the rather obscure view the G-77 and their chairman represent.

We have an entire week in front of us with the COP15. I hope that we have seen the worst. I don’t know what is worse. That the police arrest someone or that some self-proclaims nobodies can ruin the entire COP15 meeting.

  1. The Danish Text could be the one thing saving the future of the world. I hope that those fools give up their opposition against this document

  2. I also have to give my blessing to Copenhagen to host COP15. The Danish text gives me hope for the future.

  3. Cudo’s to the Danes for trying to save the world and keep the often corrupt policians out of the game.

  4. Once again has Dänemark shown leadership. Ich remember how proud Ich was when Ihren country beat the other EU-countries with the Edinburgh Agreement. It was almost a spanking event where the rest of the countries licked your toes. Also the EU summit in Copenhagen was wonderful to watch.

    Ich expect great things if the Danish list becomes the End declaration.

  5. Denmark has shown strong leadership during this summit. The Danish Text looks promising. However I fear that the G-77 is only participating so they can destroy things.

    They seem to have an alternative agenda, which is to bully everyone without reason.

  6. Just showing peopel from denmark is total IDIOTS !!!!

    Sandra Kubova
    Novoveská 62
    Bratislava Phone: 00421918505414

  7. Sandra. I agree that those who decided that we should host a conference there you get a lot of lazybones to show up in Copenhagen and commit blackmail of hardworking populations are fools.

    Personally I am sorry that COP15 did take place here. I was supposed to visit Tivoli and enjoy myself, but due to the obvious security risk I had no choice but to remain at home. I saw in the newspaper that so many did make the same choice that Tivoli came out with a poor result.

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