Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

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Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

The trial seems to be on track for December 7. Today the Judge is expected to rule whether the charges in the show trial are too old. None expect him to rule that they are. Too much is at stake for the DEA. So she was to wait to December to get it over with.

Here in Denmark we are in the process of learning what the United States had learned the world. It is that 1 percent of the population needs to be in jail and youth should be kept from each other until they are adult. Socializing is equal being on track for a criminalized future.

Our politicians have done their best the past decade to implement these society standards and it is done by introducing a lot of laws so they can land people I jail.

For adults it has meant that our infrastructure has collapsed. Our traveling times have increased making it harder for the firms to make profit and make jobs available for the communities. The opening of the Oresund bridge should have meant increased interaction with the people in Sweden, but because people in Sweden have difficulties with drinking we had to pay a price and it was to lower the legal BAC level from 0.8 to 0.5 which is quite low compared with our countries like United Kingdom and Ireland, which is known to have the same mature attitude when we are talking alcohol consumption. In the firms the result is that colleagues don’t know who they are working with because the old tradition of having a Friday bar at the firm has almost stopped entirely.

However, the biggest change had been happen for the youth. New age limits for alcohol purchases have meant that some teenagers turn into stealing to get their hands on alcohol. Others use drugs instead. Lately some towns have introduced a ban on alcohol at their youth parties which have lead biker gangs to announce that they will be happy to host those parties instead. Parents are not that concerned that the biker gangs have taken this burden on themselves for the good of the community. Some parents even drive their kids to the parties at the biker clubs themselves, but the authorities are concerned with good reason as members of the biker club seem to have been the target of one sided attacks by other youth gangs. A bullet fired at a biker could hit the wrong people by mistake and a young life could be lost.

I am not quite sure that the politicians know what they are doing. I know from my job that it is healthy to avoid areas in Copenhagen where supporters of Teetotalism rule. Small rocks being thrown at you by youth are often the result if you end up in such an area by mistake. Of course you can argument that such youth will be on the track toward prison and then the goal is achieved.

Now the politicians will attack the legal tobacco used in bongs. Personally I would be very concerned if the youth smoke illegal tobacco, but like they have done it in Germany where they have an old anti-smoking tradition invented by persons known by other things they had done, the Danish politicians will ban the legal tobacco.

Then you have a lot of youth owning a bong with the goal of being with their friends. What are they going to fill the bong with, if the legal tobacco is banned so they can continue to be with friends?

Denmark is on the fast track toward being a police state for the youth where they are forced to stay at home only meeting their friends over the Internet and even then they are facing risk of committing a crime if their portrait on their profile at various community networks includes a photo where they show skin.

Give Denmark 20-30 years and then we also will have 1 percent of our population locked up.

I have only one thing to say to the teenagers growing up in Denmark today:

I am sorry. We have stolen your freedom from you in the name of good health and double standard.


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