Week 9, xenophobia, prisoners abroad and social heritage

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No news as it was the case last week due to the honeymoon.

But according to the blog The forgotten Danes another Dane fell victim to the relaxed laws in Florida as he was sentenced to 6 years in jail for a DUI-related killing. In Denmark the message is clear: Don’t drink and drive. Rather than waiting for people to be killed the sentence for DUI without person-related injury is properly the most strictest in the world. A full month pay based on reports from the IRS is the fine for a DUI-offender even when it is the first time. Second we had to lower the limit to 0.5 instead of the normal 0.8 when the Oresund bridge opened because even skin milk can make people from Sweden act drunk. We have an old saying: If you want to assist a person from Sweden in Elsinore, please carry him down to the ferry so he can go home and nurse his hangover.

But in Florida the fines are jokes. Only when you kill a person the hammer falls hard on you. The Dane got what equals a life sentence. At age 38 he will be too old to return to other than a life on welfare. He cannot rebuilt his life at such a high age, but that is the consequence of visiting a place where people are entrapped to commit a crime they would not have committed if they had remained in a civilized country.

I have read some of the stories published on The forgotten Danes. One thing seems to be common. The Danes are naive and they have been set up to easily. Just take the story about a Dane going down to solve a problem with a former employee being involved in a tax-case. Of course they forget that criminals are closely connected with the government in countries located in Africa.

Back to the DUI case in Florida. Did he get a trial or was he lured into a deal as a young Danish boy was in California some 10 years back. I found this case which is listed on a homepage over Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia. He got 8 years for just an ordinary high speed accident, when he tried to escape an attacking Mexican youth gang. He was deported after 4 years and when his mother protested this, she was set up in some kind of financial scheme.

A general good idea is to not visit Florida as a tourist and use your hard-earned taxdollars in a place which obivious is filled with people with an intense hate against Danes.

The last thing which shocked me was that experts are prepared to introduce payment for attending universities. Just weeks ago the fact that people can attend universities for free, was one of the good things noticed by Oprah in her show about Denmark.

I understand why they properly will go for that. The social heritage should be accepted. In most cases students attending universities are children from families who have some academically experience themselves. Children with a heritage coming from the working class are seldom seen attending higher education unless they are from other Nordic countries where an international agreement secures them possibility to study in Denmark on a kind of free pass so they don’t have to present good grades. Today Denmark is in fact paying for the education of the staff to the health care industry in all Nordic countries.

During the last 10 years families have entered Denmark and let their children choose education at a higher level where we as Danes were expecting that they should enter. It has resulted in social unrest and students can get rewards if they report a fellow student who have copied some of the books but it is noenough. This aread calls for some kind of intervention so we can maintain a secure social structure.

I hope that week 10 can be a little more positive.

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