Week 7 and the climate summit

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Now the show trial in Florida is close to be postphoned due to the honeymoon by the prosecutor. Maybe the prosecution believe that if she is kept longer in detention, she will break down and confess so they can avoid the trial at all. They could use a Nolo Contendere from her. They know that there is a problem with the dates of the alleged crimes. They should have acted faster when they sat down and cooked the list of charges against her.

Anyhow the public in Denmark is about to forget her. Precautions have been made so the number of exchange students have dropped. Families have learned from her case. Not for a second could we are of possible victims in other countries due to smuggling of drugs. We simply don’t have the surplus when we have to struggle to survive without early retirement (“Efterloen”). In anyone doubted the  necessity of these precautions, they should read the newspapers. We saw another horrorstory yesterday, when a exchange student returned home before time after having been set up by a exchange student agency operating as a contact agency.

However the news right now is about the climate summit. As part of a dirty deal with India we got the summit, it is claimed.

But as it always is here in Denmark the summit is close to become an event that we have to get finished with without huge results. Domestic politics is close to get the climate minister to resign and conspiracies among officials have already caused the first officials to resign.

It seems that the most important for the government is to use the summit as an excuse to introduce new tougher laws against the citizens. They don’t give a damn what kind of summit they host.

I am already afraid to leave for work today. A single stanley-knife in my car can send me to jail for 7 days. That’s is how tough our weapon laws are. The new laws introduced in connection with the summit enables the police to detain me for 12 hours for writing this blog without explaining me what I am accused of. If I am on my way to my work in Copenhagen and my car ends up being trapped in a group of protesters, I will go to jail for 40 days if I don’t choose to run protesters down if the police orders people away, but if I choose to run protesters down I will kill people and go to jail for that.

The climate summit is a loose-loose situation. For the government, for the climate, for me.

  1. Keep your Danish drug dealers in Denmark. We don’t want them infecting our youth. You are delusional and have never met Camilla. Proclaiming her innocent is the same stretch as proclaiming her guilty. Surely, you never met her, spent time with her or her drug mob. Take a chill pill…your blog is certifiably delusional. Let the facts be reveled without your biased false facts.

  2. Personally I couldn’t care less about youth in other countries but in general we as Danes no longer have the surplus to care of foreign problems because the costs of housing the leftovers of the war on Terrorism have ruined our country. The fact remain that her extradition only was possible because we were busy celebrating an agreement with Iraq so we could sent people back against their will so they could be stoned out in their small villages outside the reach of the international media. We have paid the price and without early retirement we can no longer call us a welfare nation.

    Second I happen to know that you kill a lot more of your youth in forced rehabs like Straight, inc., Pathway, kids of various places, kids helping kids etc. than drugs ever could. Explore the suicide/death rate among the participants of these programs where a lot of them only were sent there on suspicion of drugs. You will no be able to find a drug that deadly.

    I have never met her. I properly never will as she is in risk of starving to death before the trial which is postponed just because the prosecutor wants a holiday. However that doesn’t stop me like many other Danes from protesting this extradition which was unlawfull. This case will go the entire way down to the European Court of human rights regardless if she survives or not.

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