Florida treatens the Danish membership of NATO

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Today our supreme court decided that they would not take the extradition of a Danish woman into consideration.

Having this case right now would  be a bad timing.

The war on terrorism has never been more unpopular in the United States. United States has never been more depended of the relationship to its allies. A lengthy trial would have threatened the relationship between Denmark and the United States.

We saw it the forth of July. In Denmark it has been custom to celebrate those Danes who immigrated to the United States. But shortly after the previous trial came to an end the case became so widely known to the Danish public that it froze the relationship between our countries. Never before this memorial had so few guests.

We don’t criticize our courts and according to our constitution the court system should function independent of the political system, but the arrival of a new ambassador at the same same when our supreme court denies to take this case before court might awake the suspicion that someone in the justice department choose the relationship between two countries on the cost of justice for this woman.

Given the present political situation there is much at stake.

I believe that we should raise the stake.

The Danish newspapers have written about this case for some time. There was no real crime committed on her behalf. Her boyfriend did commit the crimes and her crime was that she didn’t escape the violent relationship in time. That made her a criminal exactly as it did cost Faye Copeland a death sentence.

Several hundreds of ordinary people have create a group on Facebook against this case of unjust.

What Florida does, is insulting to our nation. At no point did they present to the public what she is charged with. There is no real evidence.

It is time to reply to this insult by aiming for what means most for the politicians behind this scheme.

It is time to call for an end to the Danish membership of NATO. It is the only real answer we can give to this case which have brought us to a situation where everything about democracy and justice suddenly is questioned.



  2. Today is a very sad day for Denmark. It was the funeral of our most upright politician in recent times Svend Auken and with its latest court ruling it was the funeral of the rule of law in Denmark as well.

    It has nothing to do with justice to hand over one of your own citizens to the authorities of a foreign country without having very convincing evidence in the case and without assurance that that country will apply legal standards which do not contradict basic ethical and legal norms in our own country. There is no hard evidence presented against Camilla Broe, but there is ample evidence of the corrupt nature of the US “justice” system including its plea bargains and its private sector “for profit” run prisons. If Denmark wanted to be nice to the US it would volunteer video conferences with Camilla Broe with the court in Florida.

    The US itself would not dream of handing over its own citizens to face justice in foreign lands for whatever reason. On the contrary, it puts the civilized world under pressure to give up its right to take US citizens to the International Criminal Court for breach of human rights as happened in the UN. It denied justice to the family of a Danish woman, a diplomat’s wife, who was brutally murdered in Oslo by an American woman in the 1970’ies.

    To use anti-terror legislation in this case is disgusting for two obvious reasons: This case has nothing to do with terrorism, and the legislation is more recent than the aleged crime. You cannot use the term justice when ruling against these fundamental facts.

    One thing which I find strange is that the identity of Camilla Broe’s former partner is never revealed in the media. Is it to protect his and his family’s feelings? After all they are holocaust survivers, know people who are, or have at least read Anna Frank. Has he received his punishment or did he like many other “Jews” suddenly become very religious and got the urge to return “home” to Israel like so many other criminals who are ceived warmly and put up comfortably in homes stolen from the Palestinians?

    The Danish courts must be aware of the fact that there is no chance in hell that Israel would hand over one of its “chosen ones” to face justice in the USA which is such a close friend and ally of Israel (the way the USA likes to see it)? Why should Denmark hand over one of its citizens who was gullible enough to associate herself with one of their stock to face trial in the USA when the masterminds go free?

    Is it because USA is still perceived in Denmark to be a super power and our support and protection in case of danger? Forget it, the USA is absolutely bankrupt financially, socially, legally and morally. To side with the criminal regime of the USA is an even more outrageously stupid bet than to side with Hitler in the end of WWII.

    In case that something untoward happens to Camilla Broe – God forbid – let us hold the guilty politicians and judges personally responsible under the law, including law that we shall apply retroactively, that they may know, and future generations may know that you do not commit treason against your people without having to face the consequences.

    P.S. There is little likelihood that this kind of case will be repeated. It is less risky for the chosen ones to produce their chemical drugs closer to the market place, including in its special kosher slaughterhouses:

  3. It amazes me that you know she did not commit a crime. You probably never met her or knew about her lifestyle. Some of us know her well. Did you know she went on from boyfriend Fernando to his ectasy kingpin boss Jacob Orgad aka “Koki” and became pregant by him at his sex parties? That’s the father of her daughter. But because she is a Dane, she must be innocent.

  4. I saw this blog when I surfed the authors who commented on my blog and personally I don’t care whether she committed a crime in the States or not. She was charged more than two years after she left the country and we as Danish tax-payers had paid for almost 2 years of trial and detention for this woman just so she can partipate in a show-trial in Florida.

    Show-trial it is because regardless of what punishment the court can sentence her to, the sentence will be annulled no later than 6 months later because the extradition agreement states that the justice system in Florida is so poor that she has to be given a new sentence in a Danish court and serve her time here – also at the cost of the Danish tax-payers.

    Like a lot of Danes I am angry because we are no longer a welfare nation. Our pensions are cut short because we use a lot of money on the Christian crusades in Iraq and Afghanistan and pay our part to the United Nations in full opposite certain nations and the prosecution repays our support with putting a heavy burden upon us. It is just not fair and that’s why we are in the process of deporting a lot of Iraqis so they can hold a neck tie party when they return.

    We need to see other people suffer and even die, so we can be comforted with the thoughts that at least some people out there suffer at least as much as us and Camilla Broe due to the prosecution in Florida.

  5. Well, when she escaped the violent relationship in the U.S. she wasn’t charged with anything. The police had plenty of time to cook up some allegations against her and that is properly why she is facing 60 years instead of just months as the person who did the actual transport.

    I believe that she is innocent measured with Danish laws and that is the only thing that counts. Remember that the nature of the extradition agreement recommends her to leave a plea of “no contest” to the charges so they can return no later than 6 months to be given the real sentence in Denmark.

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