EU allows other countries to spy on Danish firms.

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2009 at 11:00

EU moves to allow speed fines to be collected from Danish cars who have been speeding abroad. The method is that the so-called authorities in a foreign country in EU would be given access to the Danish central register so they can send the ticket to the address which is registered as owner of the car. A Danish newspaper published an article about this subject today.

But there is some concern. The other countries are generally recognized to be corrupt. Police and court can be bought and private firms can use this access to collect information about what kind of traffic our industry have in a certain country. It will cost jobs in our country.

Similar concern is raised in other EU countries.

From Mail-online it is stated: Sheila Rainger, campaigns manager for the RAC foundation, warned: “Once the DVLA starts sharing its databases with other EU countries, there is an issue over who will have access to it. There needs to be strict controls in place.

But the demands she makes is not possible. We know that there is no order south of the Danish border, so the right of an appeal which would delay paying the fine for 10-20 years will most certain not be granted. That is not acceptable because we know that the standard of signs and ethics in general are nowhere near to the standard we have in Denmark.

It is not a new experience for Danish driver to be asked to pay for tickets abroad. Private parking companies have done it for years. Often the letters don’t contain a photo of the right car but that don’t stop private parking companies in general. Unfortunately there are no laws protecting consumers from such firms in the EU, so they can cheat all they want.

Also in the Nordic countries tickets for speeding can be collected and especially Norway should be avoided. The fines up there are so huge that the approach is so cruel that it can be compared to the police in Irans actions against their citizens.

The Danish firm will have to hire foreign partners as we do when we need fast transportation inside our country. The rules for Danish drivers is so severe that it have closed the Danish businesses who once were responsible for logistik and transport.

But also some business will need to shut down in general and the latest numbers are not promising. Our introduction of fixed speed cameras and the new laws about tickets being collected from abroad have already resulted in a huge increased of unemployment the last year.

We need to protest this exchange of information. Danish drivers do speed and we are proud of it. That is something which increase the productivity in our industry and even the GDP when accidents occur.

That why we need to urge the Danish public not to visit countries abroad during their holiday. There is absolutely no need to support currupt regimes in the rest of the EU.

Please spend your holiday in Denmark where we have law and order.


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