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I terrible tragedy happened a couple of nights ago. We had a soccer match and whenever such a match takes place, some has to loose.

Well, when loosing you drink a lot of beers. At some point you call a cab or take the train home.

You don’t drive after drinking!

We have tried to learn people about the dangers of drinking and driving. We introduce alcohol to our youth when they are about 14 or 15 in relationship with their confirmation to our Christian belief. When the teens become 16 they can buy all the alcohol the like in shops.

Only when they are 18 they can drive a car and by then they should have been able to learn how dangerous alcohol can be.

In almost every case it works. We are living in a time where the number of DUI-related accidents are low, but some doesn’t learn and then people are killed.

Denmark has tough laws against DUI. No slap of the wrist. We are talking a full months pay and no driving until driving courses and alcohol awareness classes has been taken. There is no Paris Hilton problem. People know that they have to take the classes in order to drive again. Some don’t take the classes because they acknowledge that they have a problem that they are not prepared to deal with, so they choose not to drive forever and that is something we have respect. If you make 120.000 per year the fine is 10.000, so we are talking a lot of money.

And please notice that we are talking punishment in cases where no personal injury has occured. If you kill a person you get a year in prison. Also here Denmark is rather tough compared what was normal just 5 or 10 years ago, where it was some months only. People will learn. In the case from Copenhagen, he could get up to two years because the rumors speak of a little speeding and perhaps even drugs. Denmark has been influenced by the United States where 1 out of 100 citizens are in jail. Our politicians have only one answer to every problem in our country. Longer sentences! Where we can find room for 50,000 people when we at the present time house about 3-4,000 in our prisons I really don’t know.

Also this time our politicians will increase the sentences for speeding because they feel these few accidents as a problem but it will cause more harm than good. Before the owner of the car became involved in this accident, people praised him on various message boards for his driving skills. He had posted videos online where he was driving fast as many, many others. In fact in most firms the workers praise each other when they get a speeding ticket, because it shows that the employee is loyal and are prepared to set the good of the firms and other employees over the law. We have a speeding culture and in fact a part of our drivers education is conducted on special race tracks.

When we compare our numbers to other countries in the eastern and south of Europe, we are doing way better. Denmark is changing. We are beginning to look like California where a huge number of immigrants cross the border and work in lowpaid jobs causing unployment among the native population. Unlike the situation in California, people from Poland can cross the borders legally due to our EU membership and take a job for only 1/3 of the normal salery a Dane would have to ask due to our living expenses and housing prices. The foreign workers live in Caravans year round and under really horrible living conditions because they send most of the money they earn home to their family.

We had a 7 year rule which protected us from most of this import of labor, but this rule is no longer in effect.

So we Danes have to protect us self by worker faster and more efficient than the people from Eastern Europe. A part of this include traveling on our road with high speed.

So if our politicians will stop speeding, they are shipping people to unemployment in huge numbers.

I fear for our people. While I condemn the actions done by this specific driver, the price should be paid by him and not all the other Danes working hard and using the roads every day.

Reckless speeding kills baby, Politiken
Alcohol culture in Denmark

  1. We almost agree on this matter. Denmark and its failtful workers must ever loose their edge, when it comes to mobility. Higher speeds results in economic growth and welfare.

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