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Wikipedia decided to remove the article on Marzena Kamizela, which is a often used Supermodel properly on request of Swedish people, who dislike immigrants from Eastern Europe.

The Article sounded like this:

Marzena Kamizela (born January 4, 1974) is a Polish-born Swedish model. She is best known for her work on Versace and for Martini.

Early Life
Born in Poland, she grew up in Göteborg in Sweden and her career started when she won a beauty competition at the age of 16.

In the news
On May 12, 2006, she was arrested for causing a commotion on a plane, after an air rage incident during a British Airways flight because by her perscribed treatment against flying anxiety went wrong [1]. The plane landed at Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada, where she eight days later pled guilty to all charges and was ordered to pay a Canadian $10,000 fine as well as the Canadian $18,491.73 charge that British Airways incurred for the emergency landing in Labrador. She was also sentenced to eight days in jail by the judge, which was the time she had already served.

She was ordered to remain in custody until the fines were paid. She paid $10,000 and $9,000 to British Airways in order to be released after a change in her probation order secured by her lawyer. She will have to pay the rest later. She also stated that she pleaded guilty because it would have taken her a month to be cleared of the charges, referring to the REM guitarist Peter Buck case, which set a standard for air rage cases [2].

External Links

  • Official Website
  • “Swedish model busted for assaulting crew members”
  • “Model pleads guilty in air rage incident”
  • “Soccer star Danny Mills helped cabin crew restrain a beautiful model who went berserk on a transatlantic flight”
  • Her own explanations (In Swedish)
  • About her verdict (In Swedish)
  • References

    1. Expert on flying anxiety (In Swedish)
    2. Air rage model leaves Labrador jail,, May 22 2006

    I find it sad that the article is gone. She is victim of an abusive airline policy which choose to go after those who have little money to defend themselves. Had she been taken to a civilized place, the court would have ruled in her favor as it did with Peter Buck.

    Somehow her case is an example of that the times where ordinary people could travel around the world safely are gone. Now the airline companies wants to transport cattle and put them down it they dare to utter a word during the flight.

    The present policy by the airline companies is an insult to our culture. They choose to serve alcohol – often free – on long flights because they know that some are afraid of flying and some follow the advice from their family doctor to drink alcohol to overcome this fear.

    And then when the treatment goes wrong they react by setting the plane down on the nearest town with Hill Billies. Perhaps the next time they will choose a town in Iran for unruly same-sex passengers so we can watch a hanging on the news.

    There was no safety issue which could make them land in Canada. She was in handcuffs at that time. So they could have chosen to fly all the way to the final destination instead of setting the plane down in an rural area with a odd set of values.

    The case is close to be an act of xenophobia against our way of living. I dont know if Sweden has a page of case with xenophobia victims like we have in Denmark, but if they had she should be on it. As for Wikipedia, here is a link to the page about the talk about the deletion.

    1. It just shows that we are living in a crazy world today where we people from the Nordic countries are under attack for the way of our living every single day. Just remember the single most succesful attack on terrorism – the Cartoon War.

      When will they remove this victoy for civilization from Wikipedia?

    2. Her case meant a lot to me. It is the reason for me not to fly anymore. I suffer from flying anxiety and my doctor recommend to me that I should treat it with the free alcohol they serve onboard planes.

      But I could also risk being jailed if the treatment goes wrong. I won’t risk ending up in a god-forsaken place like Canada (I have seen Southpark too), so I have decided never to fly again.

    3. That’s awesome! We need people to defend our rights.
      Now, just post where you work and I’ll get some drunk and aggressive women to come in and verbally and physically abuse you – so much so that bystanders will feel the need to restrain them. After you’ve taken some decent kicks and punches, we’ll re-interview you for your views on drunken violence.
      Why shouldn’t people be allowed to behave this way? It’s restricting our freedoms that you can’t beat someone up anymore.

    4. Hey. We are Danes. We embrace behavior like hers. The flight crew was paid to serve her. They got their paycheck. Look at great soccer players like Stig Tøfting and Bendtner. It is Ok to drink and what do the flight crew expect when they serve drinks on planes?

      She is a victim of xenophobia for sure.

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