Innocent victims in drive-by shootings

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 at 21:38

I am scared. Really scared. I cannot walk the streets of Copenhagen in peace.

The third gang war in Copenhagen have been going on for months now and now innocent bystanders are being attacked also.

The first gang war took place for about 20 years ago. Two biker gangs called Bullshit and Hell Angels. It was the first crime war in Denmark where they used machine guns. Hell Angels won that war. They tried to break into military depots but were fired on,

The second gang war was between two biker gangs – Bandidos and once again Hell Angels. It ended with a cease fire when some lawyers helped them divide the drug market in Denmark after political pressure.

Now the third gang war is terrorising Denmark and it is also the start of a whole new security situation in Denmark. The two opponents are the combined biker world against second generation youth gangs with roots in the middle east. However with our entire army stationed in Afghanistan as part of our contribution to the 11th. crusade in order to spread the word of Christ our military depots in Denmark have proven to have too little protection. A lot of weapons disappeared from our camp in Slagelse. A disastor!

Now even ordinary people are victims of the ongoing war in the streets of Copenhagen.

Just the last 24 hours three incidents of mixups have taken place. Two of them gang related.

First a car-chase was conducted where two ordinary citizens were looking like they could be member of a biker gang, when they in reality had been working so long that they were just unshaved.

Next an ordinary street fight between some Hillbillies in Haslev turned into a shooting when the locals decided to attack a college in town, where foreigners who enter Denmark due to the fact that foreign grades are given double score so they can compete with our student normally stay. The problem was however that the people they were fighting was from Iceland and the people they attacked were from Poland. There is just too many foreigners in our country which makes such a mistake easy to commit. And Haslev. I could understand that foreigners could be tempted to travel as far out in the country as Roskilde but to Haslev and all the yokels!! That one they brought on themselves.

Finally an ordinary citizen was stabbed – also because he fails to dress like he never had even been near a biker club.

Several have spoken of recalling our army to prevent what is about to escalate into a full scale civil war.

However a proposal from the Social democratic party seems to be discussed right now. In Denmark we operate with something called preventive arrest. It is a part of our package against terrorism in Denmark. The police can arrest every citizen with bringing charges against them and detain them for 6 hours. They do this every Sunday with the soccer fans. Most live with this.

Now they have looked at the United States and suggest that the police should be given extended power to detain people for several weeks without charges in order to stop the gang war.

We know that the fact that one out of 100 citizens in jail in the United States have not lowered the crime rate, so how many Danes do we need to put in jail. 1 out of 70? 1 out of 50?


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