The treatment industry – who are behind it?

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During the recent years we have seen several examples of various religious communities being paid by public money to treat people for personal problems with alcohol, drugs and their gender.

Something is wrong when taxpayers allow their money used by cults or being used in a way which can endanger the clients.

A Danish television program Operation X showed how easy it was to create an alcohol detox program and get money from the public funds. There are no requirements for documenting the strategy of their detox method they use in their program. They don’t have to tell who they have treated, so they can send an invoice for treatment of person who has never been in the program.

We have seen how Scientology – a cult being monitored in Germany by the German intelligence services are allowed to treat drug users for money paid by the taxpayers.

As taxpayers we even have to pay for treatment of people who think that it is a sin for people to be interested in their own gender. While many of us can be settled with living in a marriage with a person of the opposite gender, should the society pay for treatment of people, who for reasons unknown lives otherwise?

No, of course not.

We have to stop this waste of taxpayer’s money. While treatment of all the issues are necessary, it should be done by the public sector only to ensure that it is done without mission calls.

Why are these people in the treatment industry in the first place?

They know that people suffering from abuse or low self-esteem are vulnerable people. The first three sentences in the much copied 12 step treatment program sound like:

1.    We admitted we were powerless over <the problem> – that our lives had become unmanageable

2.    Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity

3.    Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.

I have to ask what greater power? Of course the greater power that the therapist presents to you. It is emotional blackmail. Do you want to be cured? I have the God you have to pray to.

We have seen a raise in the number of cults operating in Denmark. And now where they are free to pick new members among the clients referred to them by the social departments, the courts and parents, their number will grow even faster.

Who in the public system decide what program to be used and what criteria do they use? We are going down a dangerous path because there is a lot of money involved. In countries where detox are more widespread, cases of money going under the table to persons in public service seem to be growing.

Corruption can become a huge problem if the public sector in Denmark in time will run such programs by themselves.

A very similar problem is the choice of group homes for at-risk youth. Who is deciding where a kid should go? When kids in Denmark are under 15 years of age, the choice is made by the social worker in the hometown and the local but not very well-paid politicians. They cannot go before a court. They are prisoners of a political system without right to an attorney.

The parliament in Denmark tried to get oversight of youth treatment programs but powerful groups of employees inside the political system prevented that. The youth are threatened to suffer in silence.

None in Denmark has an oversight of how youth are treated when detained either by the courts or the social department. None has a goal with placement of youth. They are warehoused and the treatment methods are not being recorded in a central place so we can learn what works and doesn’t work.

A former director for an adult prison has suggested that we from the very start could jail the youth. They would be hurt less emotional and maybe we could avoid that more than 60 percent of all inmates aged around 18 are suffering from psychological illnesses derived from either something they have experienced during their upbringing or from the treatment itself. Aboard a lot of youth suffers from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as result of their stay in a program. I believe that there is a risk that the same could be the case in Denmark.

It is up to the minister of health Jakob Axel Nielsen (K) to provide order inside this area and to ensure that the money the taxpayers pay for treatment is used in the right way. Unfortunately as soon as the cameras are shut off, people have other things on their minds.

I call for a central oversight of programs and how they operate. I call for a complete list of program owners.

People who are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, people who have problems with their identity and troubled youth are hard to talk about. Many would be preferred that those people are hidden somewhere never to be heard about, but the reality is that they are in our lives and we pay for their treatment.

Let’s give them quality treatment and properly save some of our money in the process.


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  1. In the United States it is the mormons who detain American youth and as far as I have seen it, more teens die in programs than on an ordinary street.

    I agree that this area needs to be cleaned up if teens are not to die in the name of treatment like they do in the United States.

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