Cultural differences part 1

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This is the main reason why I think that we as Danes should refrain from participating in international debates. It seems that our more than 1,000 year old culture with a mature degree of understanding satire, jokes but also empathy and compassion makes people feel less worth. Take a thread I made on a foreign message board.

I was very happy reporting that I had seen this TV-series and in the last episode there was an operation for cancer performed without anesthesia. I wasn’t criticizing the procedure because I am well aware that there were no options back then. Anesthesia were developed some 30 years later and this operation was conducted around 1812. It is described in an article (should not be read by minors). It couldn’t be done in another way.

But somehow this insulted the American readers of the board, because I mentioned that a mother recently received a prison term of two years because she let her daughter undergo an operation which are against the law in Denmark. It was a comparison of how far our superior technology has come if we are prepared to make use of it.

Sadly it was interpreted as an attack on less developed countries, genders, religion or an etnic minority. Some people accept that religion has a cost. When I then mentioned that there is a proposal made by someone in Danish politics to forbid such operations on both genders then it really turned ugly.

Suddenly I promoting a racist country and running a KZ-camp in my backyard.

That was what I was stating. I wrote that I was not a general supporter of such laws, regardless of the fact that circumcisions has been judged unlawful on children in several European countries. I believe that every adult has to decide what he or she wants to do with their body. Do they want to have tatoos, circumcisions, even being neutralized as the Synanon church members did, then it is up to themselves once they are adults. There shouldn’t be any limit. I do find that they regarding male circumcisions failed to realize that it is not conducted in such a civil manner in other parts of the world as it is done in the US. Over there they just poke and make it bleed where the European version often is a removal of the entire foreskin.

Well, I have no reason as an ordinary Dane from social class 5 to doubt what the health care authorties and politicians decide. Our constitution supports our state church, where there is no stand on that issue. There maybe heathens who believe in other Gods. I have no problem with that as a private person, but if our politicians pass a law that forbids both male and female circumcisions to male in order to secure both genders on a equal level, I will urge people to accept it. However as I have stated above, I think that such a law shold apply to minors only.

Just the suggestion that I should have anything against Jews or others is stupid. As most Danes I don’t care about the present conflict. I didn’t know that they were at each others throat. Our media doesn’t cover it. We have more important domestic issues like early retirement and whether a person can be called a “perl” by our policeforces to discuss. It isn’t like it is WWII down there. We are only talking about 1,000 lives lost, which is about the number of lives lost in ordinary peak traffic in Europe on a typical month.

Why all that drama? I really don’t know, but it meant that I have joined a Danish movement supporting non-intervention.

I have realized that I as Dane am living in a rather superior culture and there really is no society that comes even close to our way of living which is second-to-none in so many aspects. So that why I have chosen to stay of conversations with foreigners in the future.

  1. I believe that the gap between our cultures are bigger than we thought.

    But in the old days without the internet, we didn’t realize that.

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